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Electronics Reviews

5 out of 5 from 3705 reviews
A good product.

This antenna met all expectations. Even when placed indoors it picked up most of the channels. It picked up all channels when placed outdoors at ground level. Did039nt bother to alter direction of the antenna when mounted on the pole as the reception was crystal clear.The fins are delicate so treat it with care.

very happy with this item

I have had this weather station for three months and have found it to do all that it claims.Comparing with official weather reports my readings have been very close to thosethe only variation by being out in the full sun my readingssometimes exceed by 3or 4 degrees and this is in PERTH wherethe temperatures often in the high 30quotto 40 plus.The only feature i have not been able to test as yet is rain fall.all other features work well.I would certainly recommend this item

32 Element Antenna

You pay for what you get this antenna is very cheap and it has its pros and cons. I bought it as a second antenna to drive a TV in a bedroom as I had run out of splits for my main antennna easy to put together lightweight and easy to install.Signal level from the antenna is just ok to drive a set top box with clear line of sight and no trees or buildings in the path etc.Cons....while easy to build you need some knowledge on how to terminate the F Connector to coax cable.I needed to buy a cheap antenna amplifier to get a consistent signal on my set top box.Overall it works fine with the antenna amp and you get a decent steady picture. As a one feed only antenna its good value. Dont expect miracles in poor reception areas.

kewl little accessory

kewl accessory to any vehicle.will solve any disputes in case of accidents12gig SDcard records approximately3 - 3 12 hour drive time

I am in LOVE

USB Cassette Tape Player Unit - Convert to MP3 File. This product is simply brilliant. It is portable. It is easy to use. It does a fantastic job. I have just finished converting one of my much loved cassettes to MP3. Had some trouble at first with understanding the process but once I updated the software free it was so simple. I am a 60 year old female who is slightly tech savvy. I played the cassette and sang along with the old songs saved it put labels on the tracks removed silences and then exported the multiple tracks and burnt them to a CD. I am in heaven. If I can do it anyone can. Get one for yourself and start converting those cassettes. Let the memories live forever.

Clicking sound when handling recording

This camcorder overall is ok for the price. The volume recording is rather weak and is too sensitive with sound being recorder scratching noise whenever tried to open and shut the LCD screen. The quality of the picture when preview on the screen is kinda 039pixellet039. Cannot zoom in or out if switch to high definition mode.

Great Antenna

We bought this for our caravan and it has excellent reception parked behind our house - better than our roof mounted home antenna.

Great weather station that really works

Well you have to think some of these boys toys are gimicks.Not this one it039s a real weather station I checked the pressure against my barometer. The rain against the old rain gauge amp temp to my weather beaten out door gauge. This station replaces then all in accuracy with conveniance of being able to watch it all from inside the house and record it on my computor for later referance.In my eyes a must buy.

Big improvement in signal

If you take the time to enlarge the instructions it becomes a lot easier to assemble. 15 minutes on the living room floor slotting pieces together. You will need a screwdriver but all parts accounted for and fit together properly. Since installing it I039ve gained all the stations I wasn039t able to get previously all crystal clear. Not bad even with trees absorbing a good deal of the signal between my place and the transmitter. 1 mark off for the instructions being very hard to read out of the box. After scanning it I printed each page at full A4 to make it readable. During install you don039t even have to fuss about making sure it039s pointed in the right direction - just go inside and use the remoteThe rods are pretty thin so be very careful not to squeeze them.


This is the first time i have bought anything from CS and it wont be the last This weather station is a great buy and the price is fantastic.Found it easy to set up amp use and it looks really goodfound it very accurate.Delivery was fantastic - had it in three days flat - Overall the whole buying experience with CS was easy and enjoyablei recommend them to everyone

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