Elliptical trainers are stationary exercise machines used to simulate stair climbing, walking, or running without causing excessive pressure to the joints, hence decreasing the risk of impact injuries. Elliptical trainer's motion pattern is similar to cross-country skiing, which is why it's also called elliptical cross-trainer.

One of the most important factors to choose an elliptical trainer is the resistance level. The resistance of a cross trainer can have a great influence on your workout effect. Electric magnetic resistance systems are the most common resistance systems, as well as the smoothest ones. They allow users to control the resistance by simply adjusting the button. Whether you’re an intense sport enthusiast or a beginner that hopes for a slower workout, our elliptical for sale can suit your fitness plan.

The weight of flywheel of an elliptical trainer is essential as well. The heavier the flywheel is, the smoother your workout will be. With at least 4.5kg weight, flywheels of our elliptical machines weigh enough to make your workout safe and comfortable.

If you want to keep monitoring your exercise details, our home Gym Equipment is able to make you satisfied. The cross trainers aren’t the exceptions either. With a clear LCD screen to display your exercise time, speed, calories burnt, distance and even pulse. Besides we also get a heart-rate sensor for you to monitor the physical change during the workout. In a word, all of our elliptical bike range is a smart sport device to record every workout.

There’re a variety of elliptical machines at CrazySales to suit different people’s fitness requirement. Choose one from our cross trainers and elliptical cross trainers to fulfil your fitness plan and protect your joints! By using an elliptical trainer for half an hour, you can burn up to 400 calories --- of course depending on your speed and your weight. It’s really a perfect gym equipment that your knees will thank you for, compared to Treadmills and Exercise Bikes. Come on and buy one to fulfil your home gym!

Elliptical Trainers Reviews

5 out of 5 from 304 reviews
Very descent product

I have had this product for a while now and it has kept well. Reasonably easy to set up and very easy to use. The onboard monitor is very handy. My only complaint is that when you are using it it can be hard to use the arms as they go out a fair way as in you need really long arms to keep a hold of them comfortably. I find this annoying and I am 50399. My housemate who is a fair bit shorter than me has too much trouble with it and doesn039t use the arms. Although you can make it so that the arms don039t move. Very descent buy for the price

Awesome Product

Recieved our Trainer today it was easy to essemble even with the help of my child. I would highly reccommend this product if you are on a budget as they are similar to the expensive brands you buy in Sports Stores.Thanks Crazy Sales

Reasonable Functionality

This product came with two cracked foot plates one worse than the other but it still functions fine and the pulse sensors are an added bonus. Easy to assemble but I couldnt be bothered re-boxing the product to return it. The resistance bands are great and I get a pretty good workout with little stress on my knees.

genki elliptical cross trainer

great machine the only problem i had was assembling it some screws and nuts were very hard to separate. but once put together it039s been an absolute joy to use.would recommend for sure also great value fast shipment. thanks Crazy Sales

Great Item

Great Item and I love it I can exercise while doing what I love...watching the world go by. I exercise on my verandah and dont even realise how much I have exercised.

Great value

I bought this based on other positive reviews. I have finally set it up and started using it. Its solid and works great. Its a bit hard to read the panel as its quite a bit lower than eye level but apart from that its good value for the price. It doesnt take more than 90kg which is a shame as my husband is overweight and cant use it because of that but apart from that its good value.

Great Product

Nice and easy to assemble and looks great and slick it can fit in small lounge and great productYou can adjust the handle not to go so far when you do exercise

fantastic dont want to stop

very easy to put to together. already with major components preassembled


Great purchase received within 7 days across Aust.Very simple to erect from package.Simple and great to use brilliant value for its cost previously paid 450 for a similar machine.Great as a bicycle exerciser or as a cross trainer.A very effective cross trainer. A CD of demo exercise would assist your exercises.

Happy with my decision

Me and my wife wanted something to workout with butit should not be too expensive very difficult to keepin house very costly to run high on maintenance a pain to get fixed if something broke difficult to get rid of if needed and focusing only some part of body. This product passed through all of the above. So weare happy with the decision and enjoy exercising.

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