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About Ethanol Fireplace

Enter ethanol fireplaces. Also referred to as eco fireplaces, alcohol fireplaces, ethanol heaters and everything in-between, these innovative fireplaces overcome all of these issues and provide a few extra benefits too. Powered purely by bio ethanol (commonly known in Australia as methylated spirits) they are clean burning and odorless so produce no irritating smoke, ash or embers. Furthermore, they don't require any flues, pipes, chimneys or utility connections so they?re an absolute breeze to install.

Fireplace owners however, will tell you that the less glamorous side of fireplaces involves chopping wood, cleaning up ash, having irritated eyes and smelling like smoke for hours afterwards. Not to mention that many people don't even have the option of installing a fireplace, such as apartment dwellers, renters and those who live in areas where there are covenants restricting them from having a fireplace (eg. some rainforest areas). Lastly, there is the issue of cost. Fireplaces can be expensive to purchase and there are also the added costs involved with installation and building chimneys and flues to council requirements.

CrazySales provides you all ethanol fireplaces high in quality and well in design. We have a wide range of ethanol fireplaces for your better life. The best price will bring you too much extra saving surely!


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