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About Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are also named stationary bikes. It's a convenient home gym equipment for cardio exercise without consideration of weather conditions, like treadmills, vibration machines and so on. Crazy Sales stocks a wide variety of high quality bikes at amazingly low prices, including recumbent exercise bikes, spin bikes and upright bikes.

Cycling is an effective exercise to lose weight and keep slim by burning the fat of thighs, shanks and waist. In order to keep cycling without interruption of bad weather, you can get an exercise bike at home. Besides, you can enjoy the comfort of being at home at the meantime. For example, you won't miss the TV drama at night. Staying indoors and keeping slim, is the most idealistic thing for most people.

If you're a slow-pace rider, recumbent bikes are suitable for you. With a relaxed angle and comfortable seat, your riding can be smoother and have a less intense pace. Most of the seats installed on recumbent bikes are ergonomic seats to fit people’s body curves, which means you don’t have to worry about the improper sitting position while riding a bicycle. For the older people or people with back pain, recumbent exercise bikes are best home gym equipment.

While upright bikes are smaller in size and have more resistance. It can raise your heart rate in a shorter time, so the fat burning power can be stronger than recumbent ones. Upright exercise bikes are a good choice for those who enjoy fast peddling and sweaty riding. Because of their simple structure and exercise modes, the price will get lower than other types of exercise bikes.

Spin bikes are the modified version of upright exercise bikes. For those professional bicycle riders who like riding on a mountain race bicycle, combining the sitting comfort and physical consumption for longer riding.

Whether you prefer which type of the home exercise equipment, products at CrazySales can bring you high quality bikes along with best riding experience. Come and buy your bike to gain a slim figure!