When you think of body training, you would probably picture yourself inside of a gym house with the company of a bunch of large equipment. But take a closer look at those fitness experts, you will find out they all have some useful fitness accessories to help with their trainings.

For example, an aerobic step bench riser can increase the height of your aerobic step, a belly shaper belt can help you reduce abdominal fat, maintain a perfect body form, a heart rate pulse monitor watch detects your pulse and displays your heart rate percentage with different pulse field indicator, letting you keep track of your training level.

Whatever fitness accessory you need, we have it here in CrazySales. You can buy it here at ease. If you have any questions, you can consult with our online customer service team who will always be nice to help you. The most important is that you can get a big discount if you place order now. Fast shipping and nice service will bring you a wonderful shopping experience.

Fitness Accessories Reviews

5 out of 5 from 32 reviews
good for the price

Not a bad item.Pretty easy to setup and use and certainly an excellent way to monitor how hard you need to exercise to work your heart.However the stretch-belt has a fundamental problem in it039s design. When you combine heavy breathing bending and reaching eg rowing machine the sensor on the belt will often lose contact with your chest requiring the belt to be tighter than you would expect. When contact is lost the counter on the watch becomes erratic and the alarm small beep will go off if the upperlower limits you039ve set are triggered.To be fair my chest hair may be affecting this problem but I039m not likely to be shaving a sensor-sized patch just to avoid beeps on a heart monitor .After a bit of practice this annoyance isn039t too bad ... you can normally anticipate the difference between most of the beeps and a bad reading although the upper limit is a bit tricky. It039s easier just to keep an eye on the readout and disableignore the alarms ... use it like a speedo I imagine that this issue wouldn039t be so bad if you are doing exercise that doesn039t involve bending and reaching ... like an exercise bike.All in all though this is a very handy product. Wearing the watch and belt for a few hours around the house helps you to get used to it and your normal heart rate fluctuations prior to exercise. Then once you start exercising and you039ve got the belt sufficiently tightenedadjusted to suit your exercisebody you can measure not only how hard you have to work to reach your target heart rate but also be assured that you039re not working your heart too hard. Being wireless means that you don039t need to stop what you039re doing to read your heart rate and you can even strap the watch to something nearby if you039re using an exercise machine.Added bonus I have skinny wrists and often have problems with watches either not fitting or not fitting well. This watch and it039s band fit well and are quite comfortable.

Excellent watch

Excellent watch for a small price. Good quality and easy to follow instructions.

Great Bit Of Gear.

Keeps an eye on what I am doing when I am out and about tells me what I have achieved.

Great value watch

I was pleasantly surprised when this watch arrived amp found it really accurate. I use this while running amp not only keeps me on pace but also tracks my heart rate amp calories burnt. You could pay 2-3 times the price to get something comparable.


unable to use on the go but for the price is great.

Sports Watch great

I bought this for my vision impaired daughter. She rides her bike and horse a lot and sometimes too much. This is great to keep an eye on how039s she going and not pushing herself too much. and so easy to use.

a bit small

good for keeping track of heart rate while exercising. the wristband is a little small for a large wrist. it still works fine just holding it.

It does the job

Will do the job for most people for the average weekend warrior. But if you are a full blown competitive sports person you will need to spend a lot more money.

Great Watch

I bought the Genki Sports Watch for my son as he does a lot of running and other sports and he thinks it is wonderful as he can press a switch and find out what is heart beat is it has an alarm and all the mod coms.

A Lifesaver Literally

With the chest belt on I feel safer knowing Im tracking my heart rate.An audible beep lets me know when Im overdoing exercise.Great-lookingand should be on the shopping list of everybody over 50. Great value for money.


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