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About Foam Mattresses

Have a peaceful and satisfying sleep with foam a mattress. Most Australians prefer foam than any other materials. Back aches, body aches, and sleep disturbances will be eliminated with the correct foam mattress.

At Crazy Sales we can help you find the perfect mattress to suit your sleeping style. Your mattress is your constant sleeping partner for the next ten years, so naturally we only provide top quality mattress options. Make every night one of deep relaxation by choosing a perfectly fitted foam mattress. Want something hard and bouncy? Get a spring-loaded foam mattress. But be careful, kids will love it as much as they love a trampoline! Want something soft enough to cradle your entire body? Memory foam mattresses will literally mould itself to the natural shape your body. No need to toss and turn to find a comfortable position, memory foam mattresses are made out of elastic material called visco elastic that instantly moulds to the body to ensure comfort and peace.

Foam mattresses are an important investment, they need something protection. At Crazy Sales we have a range of waterproof mattress protectors and luxurious duck feather mattress toppers. If someone in the family gets hay fever or has dust allergies, don't forget to pick up a hypoallergenic topper and protector.

Everything needed for that peaceful and satisfying sleep every night - from foam mattresses to mattress protectors - are on sale at Crazy Sales. Buy from the award-winning Australian online shopping site and save money today!