We all know that a short foot massage every now and then can really help us relax, particularly after a long day of standing up and walking around. Besides relaxing, it has so many other benefits that you didn't realize, such as good for your sex life, improving circulation, helping prevent foot and ankle injuries, reducing the effects of depression and anxiety and more.

With so many benefits you can get from a foot massage, what's the reason that you don't buy a foot massager right away and enjoy it at home?

Our foot massagers provided here at CrazySales kneads away tension and stimulates the reflexology zones in your soles. It is designed to relax weary or aching feet with a massage and soothing heat. Gentle air squeezing massage soothes you even more. And adding selectable heat? Well, that just about puts you right over the rainbow.

CrazySales is proud to present its brand new foot massagers. Enjoy. Big discount and fast free shipping should be the best reason you choose us! If you have any questions during your shopping, feel free to consult with our customer service.

Foot Massager Reviews

5 out of 5 from 670 reviews
Surprisingly Effective

I have lymph gland damage in my right leg as well as liver problems. Both cause swollen legs and feet and I have not been able to wear my fashionable shoes for more than a few mins at a time over the last 2 years. I have tried other vibration products and so did not expect much. I find it hard to believe that it is a coincidence that my swelling has continued to improve with daily use of the product. I like the varying massage modes and it is also reasonably quiet which my dog finds acceptable too Very good value for money and very good Crazy Sales service. Many thanks

Seems to work

As other reviews of this product have mentioned the instructions leave much to be desired They appear to use a computerized translator. However after a bit of study it was not that hard to work out. I suffer from Plantar Fasciitis due to standing constantly in my job. Amazingly Ive noticed an improvement after my first session I was able to walk around normally with no pain for the first time in months.

Great item that really works

I purchased this product for my teenage son who has poor foot circulation as a result of surgery and chronic fatigue. This product is similar to a tens machine and after just 5 minutes of use my son039s feet were a normal healthy colour again He just loves it and I am planning to purchase a second for my diabetic elderly father who was also impressedHowever it should be noted that this product doesn039t actually 039massage039 the feet but rather sends small electric signals up the feet and calves. Whilst we were not expecting this when we purchased the product we were pleasantly surprised as this machine proved itself to be superior to our foot massager. This product was a good price as similar machines can cost 300. The quality is on par with the price - expensive machines would probably be made from higher quality materials but overall the quality is decent.I would definitely recommend this product to those with poor foot circulation - it worked a treat

Best Model

Have used for about 3 weeks now and though not had any dramatic improvements we still think that there has been so me benefit.The unit is great looking with lots of features. Unfortunately the instruction manual is sadly lacking. It is written and translated so comes out in broken English which is ok but so much information is missing. There is no information for instance on how where and for how long to use the electrodes etcetc.

Takes ten years off your feet and ankles

Rejuvinates feet ankles arthritic hands and wrists too even though not actually designed for this. My arthritis pain in all these areas has reduced by 50 after three weeks use - and is still improving. Ive lost a centimeter from both ankles and I even sleep better. No more foot and leg cramps. Even the long-standing painswelling in my wrists is disappearing.

great item

Great well great price quick post.thanks goodonyu

What an wonderful and easy to use machine.

I have been using the machine for the last four week and have found that each day the circulation and muscle strength of both my legs has increased in leaps and bounds. No more pain to wake me up during the night but a relaxing awakening each morning. It make the day so much enjoyable.

Fantastic product

I purchased this item for a friend who is having major circulation problems and has not been able to use his legs.Since using the circulation booster he has improved so much.Product has been well worth buying and would recommend it to anyone.

The whole family loves this

Not sure what to expect when I ordered it but it has proven very popular with the family. The feeling of vibration takes a bit to get used to but overall very stimulating. Would highly recommend if you suffer from relaxation issues.

Foot and Tissue Relaxer

This is a shiny unit which shows where to place my foot soles.I switch it on and the display Oval comes to life. See the timer.The timer initiates 25 minutes and that can be changed but first usethe button for amplitude on the FOOT exercise indicator in the Oval which blinks. Press it till the amplitude shows up begin at say -32- to get a feel.Later sessions done at -44- or even -74- are very good muscle groups are stimulated to contract alternatively the thigh calves etc.This has after some 2 days 3xday relaxed my ankle swelling and removed a muscle pain as high as the trochanter the upper outside of the thigh.No wonder I am pleased with this economically priced and effective circulation massager.There are tissue pads that can be placed at positions on the body as indicated by the helpful large size guide booklet.Using the Function Selector I can choose the amplitude for BODY patches or next select a particular EXERCISE FUNCTION that is not necessary for in AUTO it does its job well Press again the TIMER setting can be chosen.A convenient remote control mouse makes this unit a luxury to useUsing it I have ease and swellings disappear.Recommended for usage daily. Cheers

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