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About Garden Sprayer

Do you want to keep your lawns and gardens healthy and green? Get a garden sprayer and save your work! Spray and water your garden with our high pressure garden sprayer tank. Our comfortable backpack sprayers are an efficient way to spray evenly in an easy to use design. No matter if you want to water the garden, spray herbicides, pesticides and fertilise plants or protect them from insects, you can use a garden sprayer. What's more, it can also be used to sanitize livestock and prevent epidemic outbreaks, or use detergent and solvents for spray cleaning around the home and garage.

Our sprayers here in CrazySales feature a transparent tank that allows you to see the level of liquid and its capacity to hold how much liquid. With the specific max flow per minute and pressure, our garden sprayer is ideal to cover a good amount of garden quickly and efficiently. As easy it is to use, it is easy to fill with its large tank opening with a diameter long enough. Durable and compact, our backpack sprayer is the ideal solution to all your cleaning and outdoor gardening needs! Don't forget to check out our large range of garden sprayer by clicking here!


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