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Good playing guitar seller is a dream to work with.

First I want to tell you that this is not a paid review I bought this guitar as a practice guitar for myself and I am totally pleased with the playability and performance.I received the guitar and would give it a Five star review exceptthe box was slightly damaged however this could have been done by the delivery company. that being said I took the time to do the setup on the guitar and if you arent familiar with it you can have it done at a music shop. the tuners are precise the weight of the guitar is nice the neck was completely straight and didnt need adjusting I adjusted the bridge and tuned the guitar and after retuning twice it stayed in tune that is normal the strings need to stretch the tremolo bar works perfectly all the pickups are great no buzz or feed back the saddles were all that had to be adjusted on the bridge and the pick-ups were too low I raised them. I played it with the factory supplied strings the action is perfect exactly where it should be. I have been playing for about 40 yrs and over the years have played many Stratocasters and this plays as good as any 1000.00 Fender I have ever played this is an amazing guitar for the price. all the components are good pick-ups are good If you are looking for a good guitar to learn on want a guitar to play in church or want to give someone the gift of music you cant go wrong with this guitar.Overall this is an amazing guitar easily worth much more than what it is listed for and the company is easy to deal with professional courteous and helpful. If I need another guitar I will buy this again.

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