The best gym equipment brands are gathered together at CrazySales to get you flexing those guns of yours proudly and with confidence. If you love exercise, moving your body, keeping fit and healthy, Crazy Sales is the right place for you! Our lineup includes different kinds of gym equipment and exercise equipment that targets specific muscle groups of the body. It also includes various items for hardcore powerlifters and even for those who are just starting out on their training. Abdominal Machines, treadmill, exercise bike, gym mats, elliptical cross trainer, rowing machine, exercise machines, fitness equipment and home gym equipment are just some of the interesting finds you'll come across in this category. You'll also be able to find your favorite brands and read product reviews from our previous customers to help you decide which one best suit you and your budget as well.

Choosing the best equipment can be quite a headache sometimes. If you need help choosing the right equipment for you, feel free to contact our customer service team. The best thing you need to do is understand what they are, what they are specifically for and how they are used properly. From there, you'll be able to figure out for yourself which one fits in perfectly with your fitness goals. Abdominal Machines from the name itself targets your core or more commonly known as your abs. These machines lessen the risk of you having lower back pains from your crunches since they offer a high degree of protection for your lower back. Inversion tables involves being upside down or at an inverted angle while hanging by the legs, ankles, or feet with the intention of therapeutic benefits which can relieve your back pain. 10 minutes every day of vibration machine to toned muscles is perfect choice for lazy people who want perfect body. An elliptical trainer or cross-trainer is a stationary exercise machine used to simulate stair climbing, walking, or running without causing excessive pressure to the joints, hence decreasing the risk of impact injuries. For this reason, people with some injuries can use an elliptical to stay fit, as the low impact affects them little. If toning up and losing weight is your goal, don’t miss your chance of getting practical home gym equipment at CrazySales with big discounts!


Gym Equipment Reviews

5 out of 5 from 6241 reviews
Great Value for Money

I am really happy with this item. I was a little sceptical because of the low price but it really is a fantastic product. It is great for walking and running really easy to assemble very little assembly required and very user friendly. The only very small issue I have with this item is that the heart rate monitor very rarely gives a reading. However overall a fantastic product.

Excellent Product

The gym arrived in 2 main boxes amp had loads of parts to assemble. The instructions for assembly were clear amp easy to follow amp after a couple of hours the gym was assembled.It is very good quality for the price amp the different elements work well.I highly recommend this unit for home use.I used to do body building many years ago so know how to use it but feel that it should come with a set of user instructions so that you know all the different exercises you can perform.I have been using it for 2 days amp can already start to feel the difference.

good for the price

Not a bad item.Pretty easy to setup and use and certainly an excellent way to monitor how hard you need to exercise to work your heart.However the stretch-belt has a fundamental problem in it039s design. When you combine heavy breathing bending and reaching eg rowing machine the sensor on the belt will often lose contact with your chest requiring the belt to be tighter than you would expect. When contact is lost the counter on the watch becomes erratic and the alarm small beep will go off if the upperlower limits you039ve set are triggered.To be fair my chest hair may be affecting this problem but I039m not likely to be shaving a sensor-sized patch just to avoid beeps on a heart monitor .After a bit of practice this annoyance isn039t too bad ... you can normally anticipate the difference between most of the beeps and a bad reading although the upper limit is a bit tricky. It039s easier just to keep an eye on the readout and disableignore the alarms ... use it like a speedo I imagine that this issue wouldn039t be so bad if you are doing exercise that doesn039t involve bending and reaching ... like an exercise bike.All in all though this is a very handy product. Wearing the watch and belt for a few hours around the house helps you to get used to it and your normal heart rate fluctuations prior to exercise. Then once you start exercising and you039ve got the belt sufficiently tightenedadjusted to suit your exercisebody you can measure not only how hard you have to work to reach your target heart rate but also be assured that you039re not working your heart too hard. Being wireless means that you don039t need to stop what you039re doing to read your heart rate and you can even strap the watch to something nearby if you039re using an exercise machine.Added bonus I have skinny wrists and often have problems with watches either not fitting or not fitting well. This watch and it039s band fit well and are quite comfortable.

A highly valued and appreciated product

When I decided to buy an inversion Table I had recently hurt my neck and back and needed to stretch it out. some therapy helped but only partially....anyway I bought this Genki Inversion Gravity Table hopeing it would help and it has done wonders.But firstly it has been made so strongly with excellent engineering furthermore went together well as the instructions were well written.So I safely hang at my predetermined angle and I feel my neck and back click effortlessly back into place just brilliant.Thanks Crazy Sales for sourcing such a great product.Bob

Very descent product

I have had this product for a while now and it has kept well. Reasonably easy to set up and very easy to use. The onboard monitor is very handy. My only complaint is that when you are using it it can be hard to use the arms as they go out a fair way as in you need really long arms to keep a hold of them comfortably. I find this annoying and I am 50399. My housemate who is a fair bit shorter than me has too much trouble with it and doesn039t use the arms. Although you can make it so that the arms don039t move. Very descent buy for the price

Happy customer

I would recommend this bike good value easy to use with the 8 different resistance settings and easy to assemble.I have had many different exercise equipment over many years which i have found to be not enjoyable this machine is comfortable and not hard on the limbs....Great bike

Great exercise bike for confined spaces

This is a good sturdy bike for confined spaces as it is easy to move around with not being too heavy. I feel balanced on the bike and don039t feel like I may fall off. The fly wheel is solid and the digital readout gives all sorts of information about your session on the bike. I use it in front of TV as well as on rainy days when it039s too wet to go for walks. I039d recommend it for those who want to exercise at home at your leisure.

Great product well made amp great price

This is a well made product which is half the price of a sim.item at my local bike shop.If you want to use your road-bikein your own home then buy this product

great step

I ordered this as i was put off by the cost of steps from athletic stores. I got 2 steps delivered for less than the cost of 1 from Amart. Overall the step performs well. Its solid doesnt slip and stacks well. Holds my husbands 105kg which was a bonus. Could be a little wider but value for money i cant compalin. Great step for anyone wanting at home fitness solution.

Product OK but...

Once installed properly the product can be fairly solid. However I give it only a fair rating due to a number of issues1. The product is delivered in 4 heavy and large boxes. Definitely a 2-man lift. However the courier sent only had one guy. But worse than that the delivery guy basically had me do all the work with him just off-loading from his truck to the middle of the road and me carrying from the road to my garage. In the rain. OK not a product-related problem but the shipping is part of the overall service and part of what I paid for.2. The gym can be set up quite sturdy and solid if you are very handy at this sort of assembly. The assembly instructions are not too bad but not perfect and assembly is certainly way more complex than your average Ikea assembly. I am a pretty technical and handy-man sort of person but if you are not then I would recommend you enlist the help of a friend who is to help with assembly.3. A couple of the plastic bags containing the nuts and bolts were broken so there were hundreds of nuts bolts and washers lying loose inside one of the 4 boxes. In the end the exact number of parts were there down to the last washer. But I felt that was just a bit of luck given how all the parts were rattling around loose in the box.4. My biggest complaint is this The gym comes with 90lbs about 45kg of weight plates. I am a beginner and after a week I realise that this is not going to be enough but someone who is serious about gym will find this woefully inadequate. I know that additional weight plates can be purchased e.g. as an expansion pack. In fact the picture shown on the website shows the product with more weight plates installed compared to what comes with the base product. But when I enquired using the enquiry email address I got a pretty unhelpful response saying that they did not stock it and would not put me in touch with their supplier so I can find out who does.5. The instructions supplied are only installation instructions and it would be useful if there were also instructions on how to use. e.g. how to perform the various different exercises.

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