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About Heated Pet Beds & Mats

When it comes to keeping our furry friends warm and cosy, a heated pet bed is an essential item for any pet owner. These beds are specially designed to provide warmth and comfort to your pets during the cold winter months or even on chilly nights. Pet Scene carries the best heated dog beds and cat beds that are soft and durable for daily use and sold at affordable prices.

The best-selling heated pet bed is perfect for pets who love to burrow and snuggle. It features a soft and plush sleeping surface with an electric heater that provides constant warmth. The heater has a thermostat to regulate the temperature and ensure the safety of your pet. The heated dog bed also comes with a removable fleece cover that is easy to clean by machine or hand.

Perfect for both cats and dogs, our heated pet pads are made of soft plush material and have built-in thermostats that allow for easy adjustments of temperature levels and timers. Moreover, the pet accessories also have a thermal protector inside to avoid overheating, making them safe for everyday use. Besides, some of the cat beds are waterproof and equipped with chew-resistant cords for enhanced safety and long-lasting durability.

If you have an outdoor pet, this heated bed is a must-have. It is ideal for pets who love to cuddle and feel secure and provides your pet with a warm and comfortable place to rest and sleep. The bed is made of durable material and has a thermostatically controlled heater that prevents it from overheating.

We also have electric heated pet beds that are designed for small breeds or cats. The pet heating mat has a soft and plush interior with a built-in heater that is low-wattage and energy efficient. The unique round shape and high walls provide a sense of security for young pets. For added safety, the dog couch bed has been tested and certified by EMC electrical safety standards. Besides, it is lightweight and portable, making it convenient for both home and travel use.

Not just designed for dogs and cats, the bed warmers for pets are perfect for seniors, arthritic pets, new-born pets, pregnant pets or animals recovering from illness or injury. Our heated pet beds and mats are an excellent investment for your four-legged friends, providing them with warmth, comfort, and a sense of security. With the wide variety of options available in the market, you can find the perfect heated pet bed to suit your pet's needs and preferences. Hesitate no more and shop these top picks for the best heated pet beds to make your pet stay cosy and comfortable all year round.