Coming home to warm toasty room from the nippy outdoors is something most people dream of on that drive home from work. Let CrazySales make the dream a come true with the best selection of heaters online! We carry a range of heaters that not only raise the temperature in your home but won't shrink your wallet in the process. Choose from our variety of gas, oil or electric heaters to make sure you stay comfortable and cozy during the winter. No need to exile yourself to that single corner of the room when you choose from our many portable heaters. Choose an oscillating heater to spread the warmth along the couch you are comfortable snuggled into. The best way to heat a room is to make sure the heater is relative to the size of the room and CrazySales has heaters in all shapes and sizes.

Our stylish discreetly disguised heaters designed to look like an actual fire place, exude that cozy cabin feel. When it's only slightly chilly be sure to check out our gas or oil patio heater so you can enjoy evenings outside just a little longer. No matter what the temperature, Crazy Sales has the appliances you need at great discount prices!

Heaters Reviews

5 out of 5 from 695 reviews
Awesome heater

I039ve purchased one of these each winter. 3 altogether. Works heavy duty lifespan approx 2 years under all-day use. Really heats up the room. Overall this is cheaper than the central gas heater at my home. Tip - remember to leave the 039swing039 on to dissipate the heat better.Overall a Good Buy for the price.

Hot Stuff

With this heater you have individual control over all functions 1 bar 2 bars or 3 bars and the fan has a separate switch and it is Very efficient. Being a radiant heater it is also more economic to operate than oil filled or fan heaters. The design unfortunately does not allow the castor wheels to rotate full 360 degrees as castor wheels should. The power lead is a little too short but an extension lead can alleviate this problem other than that this an EXCELLENT HEATER

Great heater

I am really happy with this heater it was easy to install on the wall leaving the floor space free. For a small area it is just right I will be able to use it in the summer too as it has a fan which can be used on its own without the heater on. I was really impressed with the speed of the delivery too great communication all the way. I am very happy with my CrazySales purchase thank you.

Quiet Heat

Item was well packaged and received promptly. The wheels where very frustrating to fit on underneath to make the unit portable. It took some time for them to slot in correctly. This unit has no fan and therefore is very quiet but the heat comes out efficiently.Comes with a 24 hour timer you can set for multiple onoff times during the day. I have it set to turn on 30 mins before I wake up so the bite of the cold is not there when I start my day. This has been a fantastic purchase at a reasonable price.

Great Heater

It is not 2000 WAT it is 400WAT 800WAT and 2200WAT it heats very well and quickly. The 039turbo039 fan is not really turbo but it does help spread the heat. the unit itself can get quite hot so keep children away from it. i strongly recommend this over a standard electric fan heater of equivalent wattage.


This heater is simply brilliant.It projects the heat nicely and is fairly quiet.Sleek design makes it a non intrusive heater also.I would highly recommend this to anyone.

Should have bought a couple more

I bought this heater for elderly Mums bedroom and it is amazing My considerations before buying it included energy cost heaviness and fitting into and onto the wall. No need to worry this heater is SO VERY LIGHT and easy to fit with clear written and picture instructions It includes all of the fittings for either plasterboard or masonry. It throws out a lot of heat for the 420 watts it was very surprising how much. So economical As usual the item arrived on the 2nd day after ordering.


I039ve been looking for a heater which will give me instant heat but I was sick of owning blow heaters that put out lovely heat but my cat seems to benefit more than me. The heat coming out at floor height As soon as I saw this Tower heater I knew I had found what I was looking for. I also like how it takes up less floor space. I tried it tonight for the first time and was pleased to see it blows out hot air onto me while I039m sitting at the computer. It has 2 temperature buttons so you can choose to have just One Thousand Watts or the full Two Thousand Watts. I know blow heaters are more expensive but I hate been cold and I love instant heat and I always work up credit on my Power Bill during Summer lol.

a nice warm garage

Very well made little heater with quiet operation and very easy to use.So far has made a difference in the garage by taking the chill out and providing some warmth.It is a great item totally recommended

Excellent Heater

What a great heaterIts perfect looks great and u have the option of the3 heat settings with or without the fan boostAbsolutely Love it

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