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At Crazy Sales we pride ourselves on having a wide range of products from quality sources. Our home audio range will blow you away with choices galore at bargain prices! If you are in need of headphones, speakers, a home theatre system, an MP3 player, a radio, a subwoofer, an amplifier or a tape to MP3 converter we have got you covered! Crazy Sales can cater to your every desire, the brand name you want, the style, the colour, the size, you name it!

Music is one of the great joys in life. It reduces stress and improve a workout, and even alleviate chronic back pain. Enjoy your favourite track the way you like it, on a great home audio system, with surround sound Bluetooth speakers, and high quality earphones. Bring on the bass with a subwoofer and a compact amplifier, enjoy some peace and quiet with noise cancelling headphones, or just relax with a pocket radio. Crazy Sales works closely with well known brands to give you top notch products. Get your groove on with Crazy Sales' wide range of audio and stereo electronics!

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5 out of 5 from 159 reviews
I am in LOVE

USB Cassette Tape Player Unit - Convert to MP3 File. This product is simply brilliant. It is portable. It is easy to use. It does a fantastic job. I have just finished converting one of my much loved cassettes to MP3. Had some trouble at first with understanding the process but once I updated the software free it was so simple. I am a 60 year old female who is slightly tech savvy. I played the cassette and sang along with the old songs saved it put labels on the tracks removed silences and then exported the multiple tracks and burnt them to a CD. I am in heaven. If I can do it anyone can. Get one for yourself and start converting those cassettes. Let the memories live forever.

Audio Technica ATH-ANC7b

This headphone is surprisingly comfortable to wear I went through numerous reviews and realised that this is the one for me and i dont regret a single bit Having tested it myself all i can say is i

I am amazed

These are surprisingly good little speakers. For the price you definitely can039t do better and I know from personal experience that it would be impossible to build just one box for the price let alone twoSound quality is not great this depends on your expectations of course but is more than acceptable for casual listening or speech reinforcement. It039s probable that many purchasers will find the sound quality to be much better than I suggest but I039ve been in the industry all my life and have high standards.Output power is rated at 80W each box and this appears to be a genuine rating. With the high-efficiency drivers used they are surprising loud.Build quality is ok - not great but quotutilitarianquot. You will probably find some marks on the cases and one of mine had a quotwonkyquot foot - easily fixed though. The lack of a carrying handle is a bit of a pain.Overall these are much better than I expected for the price and I doubt that anyone will be disappointed.

Handy Item

This item does what it is supposed to do quite well. Installation is simple and the results I039ve had to date have been very good.

love it

for this price i got more than a long as you set ur volume from ur attachment you will get more than quality sound from these getting another set as a gift for someone or for a back up

Exceptional first time audiophile headphones

Being new to the audiophile scene I had no idea on what pair of headphones to purchase.After much research and looking I decided to go with Audio Technica as I have heard many positive things about their build quality and reputation with sound quality.Upon receiving this product I was amazed at the build design and quality despite being manufactured in China the plastic feels sturdy and the metallic ear pieces are a welcome addition. The cord is similar to that of the G35 despite feeling more flexible and lighter.The 3D wings that are advertised with these make the headphones very comfortable to wear and feels a lot lighter than my G35 headset.Sound Quality is amazing I might not have the ASUS Xonar Essence STX but even when plugged into my Creative USB Xifi Sound-blaster Pro these headphones sound amazing.My song list generally ranges from orchestral to heavy rock and I have to say the A700X handled them all very well the A700X039s are a good all rounder despite excelling in the more quiet tunes. Snares drums and all instruments were clear as day and bass wasn039t very overwhelming but very noticeable and more detailed. Vocals were also very well reproduced.Compared to my G35039s I have to say the A700X039s take the cake.The only regrettable thing is that it doesn039t have a microphone but that would sacrifice sound quality I guess.A very well designed and made product that is worth your money.

love it

works well finally able to listen to all cassettes

Fantastic Product

Fantastic sound does the job for the odd party. Happy with the purchase -

cassette tape convertor

i have converted all my old tapes music you cant buy any more and they have turned out in exccelent quality

Great Bluetooth headphones shame about the earbuds

I bought this set of earphones because I was getting really annoyed with untangling wires. But I was disappointed when none of the included earbuds seemed to fit perfectly. I would have to jam the earphones in my ear often to much pain before I could really hear the music. The sound quality is great but I don039t look forward to wearing these earphones because they039re just not comfortable to wear.

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