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5 out of 5 from 26355 reviews
I love this water fountain

So easy. Just put the head you prefer on it and face the plate to the sun and presto a lovely water fountain without the problems of power and plumbing. I love it and am going to buy another one for my son now.

Surprisingly good

After looking at various pumps and prices I found this one and wasn039t expecting much from it considering it was nearly 110th the price of the next size up that I was looking at getting. I figured I would try it out for watering the vegetable garden because it039s not much money to lose if it doesn039t work and I can easily join 2 or three together to get extra pressure. I was able to get it to throw about a 4m radius from a standard garden impact sprinkler. I have it hooked up to a 7m long 1quot diameter suction hose I039ve heard that each metre of suction hose removes 3m from the head height then through 40m of 2quot polypipe then 20m of 1.5quot polypipe and then through 20m of standard garden hose with an overall head height of around 8 to 10m. The 2quot and 1.5quot lines are overkill for this little pump but I had them lying around. With this set up I measured the power consumption at 300 watts slightly down from the 370 watt rating which works out good because less power equals less running costs and smaller cheaper cable to keep the voltage drop within the Australian Standard limit.One main point I found is to use teflon tape on the suction inlet connector because if it sucks in even a small amount of air it can stop it pumping or reduce the pressure.There039s a small threaded valve next to the outlet line which I guess is for priming the pump filling the pump chamber with water and removing all the air. You could probably connect a hand-operated suction pump to this valve port but I just pour about 40L of water into the pipe through a tapin saddle from up the hill and then open the valve to let the air out. As with any pump if you don039t get the air out it won039t pump properly if at all. If the water source is above the pump like a tank then you should be able to prime the pump by just loosening the valve.The intake and outlet connectors are normal BSP thread so most places that have polypipe fittings have the connectors needed.So far I039m impressed by this little pump. Like most pumps the max head height is exagerated with all pumps you only get a small trickle of water with zero pressure at the max head values but these pumps are so cheap it039s easy to just add another one into the pipeline to increase the head height and flow rate. Hell add half a dozen and they still work out cheap.

I Bought It For The Power Saving Not Performance

I have used the Clothes Dryer a few times now. It works okay with most of the clothes that need drying except the heavy ones like jeans and heavy towels etc. They need more time and because of that reason I039m not sure If you would benefit on the 35 power saving it is said to offer.Also to help the unit it039s a good idea to give your clothes an extra go on the spin cycle on your washing machine that helps cut the drying time down. Setup is not as quick as opening the dryer door and throwing the clothes in and away you go no there039s more work involved but if the power savings are true then it worth the extra time.Overall it does do what it039s made for and at 13 the price of an normal average clothes dryer it039s a fair price for what you get. It039s easy to install light weight and fits easily in the corner of the room. It did take the chill off the air too so as a room warmer small room it039s okay too but not as good as a heater in any way.If you want something cheaper than a normal clothes dryer and are not in a hurry for your clothes to dry then this would be something to think about for sure not forgetting the power savings it offers and I hope delivers.

Very Small

This product appeared bigger in the picture but is really only suitable for a bird bath.It is very easy to use however does require full sun at all times to work. It looks very pretty in out garden and has been a nice addition.

Stated flow rate in ltmin

What an incredible little pump I wasn039t sure if the 3.1 ltsmin would be enough for my Hot House sprinkler systen but figured I039d give it a go because it only would mean an extra couple of minutes running to do the job.THE STATED FLOW RATE IS AT 70 PSI ----------------OPEN FLOW RATE IS MUCH HIGHER. will easily operate up to 10 spray heads on 12mm poly line.inlet outlet need to have PVC sleve to allow for 12mm poly pipe and it would be advisable to fit a filter at the inlet.Have also purchased the 17ltmin with filter same listing page and likewise flow rate given is at 40PSI this baby pumps like a garden tapBoth pumps have a pressure switch built into the base removing the cover one can reduce the cut off pressure simply by unscrewing the spring pressure setting screw.So you can avoid blowing joiners apart.

love this fountain

I got this as i have a stand with a big bowl on top and its surrounded by a hedge. And it looked ok but abit dull so i got this fountain for it and it looks great now. As we sit near it and i have never had any trouble with it and its so nice to around it and listen to the water and watch the fountain. I have had no problems with it and it was so easy to put together. I am so glad i got it and its made a dull looking bowl with nothing going on now it looks so good with the fountain in it. I would recommend it to anyone

Fantastic Item

Had seen the Wooden Bridge advertised but was out of stock so requested an email when available it was a few days when I received this much awaited email ordered the goods and within a couple of days the item was delivered we waited till the weekend and my husband put the bridge together it looks absolutely fantastic the different colour contrasts in the wood is beautiful we have put it in the garden and my grandchildren have to walk over it to get to the trampoline they are so excited would recommend this product to any garden lovers we also ordered the wishing well at the same time they blend so beautiful together Thanks so much Crazy Sales you are a great company...

Fantastic. Works a treat.

Have just put one in my garden pond and it works fabulously. Am really happy with it. Plenty of wire length between solar panel and pump. Can control power output style of spray and height of spray.

Great item

Bought this on behalf of a friend who is very time poor working some six to seven days a week. Has to wear Hi Viz clothers ie rain jackets long sleeve tops and thick trousers as is an outside worker. She says that the jacket etc dries within an hour and is really impressed with the performance.Prior to the purchase she sometimes would take days to dry out the items.She is more than happy with the dryer and as per the previous comment is a much better cheaper option to run than the big clothes dryers.Also nowerdays quite a bit of the clothes are unable to be tumble dried so this can be used with most items.

Great mower...Great Price

Purchased and received my mower within three about quick Mower arrived for the most part pre-assembled just had to bolt the handle onto the mower body. Found two small pieces of plastic in bottom of carton and discovered damage to the inner wheel covers on both rear drive wheels I took a number of photos and emailed them to Crazy Sales as a warranty claim and the parts arrived today again within a few days of submitting the warranty claim. The mower is impressive for the price I paid for it 350 delivered and due to the quick turn-a-round times for initial delivery and warranty claim I am a happy MTM mower owner. In my honest opinion the damage to my mower was in no way caused by Crazy Sales as I suspect it to be a manufacturing defect only...Crazy Sales were wonderful in all areas of my purchasing this mower...Recommended

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