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Home & Garden Reviews

5 out of 5 from 26275 reviews
Good Products are hard to find great products are rare

I bought these because I am always concerned that I will slip on the tiles after steaming or deep cleaning. These little beauties are the go. They save me from slipping and help dry the floor at the same time. When finished rip the pads off - they are velcroed to the soles - and chuck in the machine...too easy. Bought a set for my GF and she is using them too wash the floor and get a workout at the same time...I like it

Pleased with this

I039ve used this a few times now and it does the job well. Every family should have one

Not bad.

Reasonably easy to construct. Some screws didn039t quite marry up but as stated by someone else easily rectified.My biggest problem with this item is that it039s most certainly NOT an outdoor-ready product.It took 3 coats of marine grade polyurethane and after a year it has now washed off. So it looks like it will require another dose every year.FYI for anyone wanting to use this outside Make sure you sand it right back AND make sure you use EXTERIOR polyurethane or similar to ensure it bonds

Excellent Product

We have a lion039s head fountain above a fishpond in our fernery and my wife has been waiting for years to see water coming of it. With electricity prices so high we wanted a solar pump that would do the job as it had to raise the water up approx 1.80m through plastic tubing. It started working from the moment we set it up which was very easy to do. The solar panel keeps the battery topped up nicely and the timer is a bonus feature. Very pleased with this product and would recommend it highly. It039s now very relaxing to sit by and the goldfish love the water movement.

Works Well

Hose length of 20 meters is good and the hose layers on the reel well with the guide. I also purchased the air hose reel as a pigeon pair. Supplied mounting hardware is a little disappointing providing only masonry fixings which isn039t much use if mounting to timber framed houses.

overall happy with the machine

Several points to bear in mind if purchasing this product... it is heavy as per specs 78 kgs some assembly required chineseenglish incomplete instructions and quality. Mine also arrived with a bad oil leakstain on the cardboard box although no damage could be found on inspection. It will take two people to move it and when you remove the cardboard box you will find the main part bolted into an angle iron frame which will take two people to get it out of the frame. The instruction manual seems to be for a machine that is more assembled than this one... only assembly up to the handlebars nothing about the wheels tillers or shroud. A decent amount of commonsense will overcome most assembly issues except one the wheels are held on by quick release clips that go through the wheel hub and axle on mine the quick release clip would not go through the holes on one side as the holes in the wheel hub were not drilled straight. I had to file out the hole on one side larger so the clip would fit. Using it is fairly straight-forward the engine will need fuel and oil added the gearbox is all ready filled. As with every other machine purchased with an engine from Crazysales the engine started first time with full choke and runs smoothly at the factory throttle setting. You must lift the tillers from the ground if you wish to move using the engine. Be aware of the tiller guard digging into the ground if you reverse the unit with the tillers at full depth you must lift the tillers clear of the ground for safety. Also try not to press down on the handlebars as you use the machine as this will lift the front wheels off the ground and it will take off like a startled rabbit... one more thing if you have very very dry dusty soildirt the engine onoff switch may not turn the engine off due to dust getting into the switch. The tiller works much better with wetdamp soildirt.

Very realistic

We have had these on our building for 12 months now and they appear to have fooled the local vandals.

love this

I have been using one of these to make lamingtons they come out the same size every time which gives the kids less to fight about also there are some great tasty ideas in the recipe book.

Great once you get it together

I was expecting this box to be easy to assemble but found more problems than I expected. The instruction diagrams show you which order to do things in but are not very clear about exactly what it is you are supposed to be doing.I also found that the plastic of the lid piece was warped so the piece that was supposed to fit over the side panels did not- it took a lot of effort and prying the channel apart with a screw driver to get the pieces together. The quotwheelsquot are not particularly useful - they might help if you are trying to move it around on a completely flat surface but I would not count on this being a moveable item once loadedOnce together though I was happy with the chest. It is big enough to fit 4 folding chairs and a couple of small folding tables. The dark colour looks good and once assembled it seems quite solid.

Really love this item

These scales are real quality. Firstly I love the way they look. Very easy to use and very easy to work it out. Would be easy even without the instructions.Love that I can add and weigh. As I have some of my mothers old recipes it is great to be able to measure in both imperial and metric. A real Bonus to measure milliletres and fluid ounces. I Purchased cheap digital scales once and that is exactly what I got. These scales are real class and come with a 15 year warranty. Couldn039t be happier

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