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About Home Organisation

Bothered by Home Organisation problems? Love updating your home organization? CrazySales has various storage solutions to cater for all domestic sorting needs: plastic storage drawers, storage boxes, storage trolley, hangers, shoe racks and so on. Whether you’re a full-time mother who are tired of sorting out kids’ toys, or a shopaholic in need of large space to store your garments and shoes, there’s always one perfect option to upgrade your home storage styles.

In the aspect of storage items, our home organization can be divided into: clothing storage including Closet Organizers, coat racks and hangers, shoe racks and cabinets to protect shoes from dust and moisture, as well as versatile storage solutions like Plastic Storage Drawers, storage boxes and storage trolley.

Versatile Storage Solutions

Obviously versatility is the most evident advantage of these products. They’re suitable for storing shoes, toys, clothes and any other clutter you don’t know where to store. Our plastic drawers with multiple layers are convenient to help you categorize the clutters in different layers of drawer. Our storage drawers in diverse sizes can store your home clutters from a small toy to a large stuffed animal.

Plastic storage drawers are so popular because of its versatility, as well as its easy assembling and cost efficiency. A fixed frame and several drawers make a storage wardrobe for temporary or permanent use. Even you’re a person who often moves around, you can easily tear the drawers apart and take them along.

Clothing Storage

Whether you want to put all your latest-bought clothes in place, or help to find a contemporary coat rack for the jackets and scarves, there must be one among our clothing storage items that can suit your need. Closet organizers installed inside your wardrobe assist to sort out your clothing accessories, preventing them from being cramped in the corner. Coat Racks and Hangers are super convenient organization tools for you to hang your coats, hats and scarves as soon as you get home. With a coat rack there won’t be piles of clothes on sofa any more.

Shoe Storage

Shoe storage is another essential issue for all ladies. How can you choose a pair of footwear to match your dressing in the last minute you go out? The best solution is getting a versatile Shoe Racks and Cabinets at home. With several layers in the shoe rack, you won’t be bothered by how to settle your precious footwear. Easy assembling and folding of the drawers must cheer you up every time you select a pair of shoes.


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