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Home security is fundamentally important to your daily life since it concerns life or death. Do you want to upgrade your home security? Keep your home safe with home security systems with burglar alarms, wireless security, and video surveillance and so forth at CrazySales.
A surveillance camera will definitely help. We provide you the surveillance camera that's battery operated, great visual deterrent and with unbelievable lowest price!

We also provide you convenient and practical doors such as sliding gate opener for you to choose. With a remote-controlled gate opener you can slide your gate open or ease it shut with the touch of a button. Do it from in the house or from inside the car, with this gate opener, there?s no need to feel the rain or suffer the cold. Also, an automatic sliding gate opening kit is an ideal and secure upgrade for your palace.

We provide you an abundant supply of home security systems in different types. Best design, best quality, best value you can find on current market! Don't hesitate to come here and click the button buy now, you can get a big surprise in price and shipping. Feel free to consult our CS team whenever you have doubts.

Home Security Systems Reviews

5 out of 5 from 149 reviews
Very realistic

We have had these on our building for 12 months now and they appear to have fooled the local vandals.

Perfect fit

The new doorbell we just bought is great with good choice of ring tones. We have a new house so wanted to match and this was modern and stylish so a perfect fit. Door bells we had in the past were white to start with but in no time turned a horrible yellowy creme but this is a stylish black and grey so hopefully will not have serious discolouration problems.

Wireless Intercom System

Had to return this as it could not work on the 3 phase wiring which we have. The information booklet included was helpful as this is how we identified the problem for us. It may work ok if you have only single phase power.

Good not great

As I do with all things I purchase off the Internet I do a quick search to read reviews from other website to get a unbiased and professional review. Well this was no different to this product I039ve done my research and after I read a review I thought sounds great... Well....I don039t rate this so high as others.. Read on..I039m not in the mood to write a novel review myself but I039ll give you the pros and cons... You can make up your own minds..Pros Good sturdy design an absolute snap to setup Logitech seems to update the firmware amp software often so I guess that039s good you get the feeling that they care to support the product. impressive night vision imagevideo.. With no light source at all easy to use software on the pc good image not great.. But good..ConsBefore I continue making my cons bullet points I039ll say this.. I was sold on this camera because its quotHDquot.. in my opinion my old iPhone 3GS has better video than this.. I understand this is a surveillance camera and they use a lot of compression to save space make uploading videos quick and easy and skips frames to make it storage wise practical... BUT I expect HD I expect 15fps at at least a 720p resolution.. But sadly no you don039t get that... So here are my bullet points of sadness ------- Video in good lighting is good but will sometimes be dithery blurred if there is fast moving objects like if you did a fast paced walk while there are no moving objects it looks crisp but once something starts to move it will quickly reduce that video fidelity.. Video at night night vision well the night vision works great BUT the camera hates to handle switching between night vision and color mode light mode if the lighting switches example if you have a light sensor that switches on at night the camera then will shift from bampw to color but the frame rate will go down to like 5fps for the remainder of the recorded clip. Seems like a bug Price is too high this is only 1 camera an equivalent 4 camera system with a dedicated dvr is around the same price they may not have HD but this camera should not boast HD too much in comparison. the network cablewire that is connected to the back of the camera is way too exposed that should have been concealed in a protective tubing or casing... Instead it039s left to you to conceal it the best way you can and even then it will still remain very exposed.Final thoughts... It039s decent but for the money reluctantly Ill say that I don039t recommend it..

Excellent Product

Exactly what I was after the item arrived in a timely fashion inclusive of all hardware and user friendly instructions. Very simple to install with numerous options for different applications. I highly recommend this product if getting out of your vehicle to openclose gates in the rain and cold is not your thingTruly great value with no ongoing expense being solar powered.

Wireless Door Chime

An effective simple to install and operate product. I have no hesitation in recommending this to your customers.


Love this doorbell can take anywhere in the house.Highly recommend and love the catchy tunes.

No More Burglars

This dummy outdoor CCTV aluminium surveillance security camera certainly looks like the real thing I have installed two of them front and back of my house and feel very safe with the light flashing after installing batteries....I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone needing that little bit of extra security around their home or business

I love this product

I love this product because prior to this item I had 4 sliding gate motors.All of them had a problem with the limit was not the electromagnetic.Good thing about this product is that it is fitted with electromagnetic limit switch and is cheap value for money.So far I am extremely happy with the product and the response with any query is very prompt from the staff.Motor is a bit noisy however is doing the task perfectly.


I found the product to be amazingly convincing in appearance to the real thing and for the price outstanding. Just hope it fools the neighbourhood kids into staying away from my home

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