Browse Reviews Watch your DVDs with a new DVD player & recorder, our range of HDMI, Dolby digital and DivX players and recorders allow you to watch movies and other shows in high quality and to record television to watch back at your convenience. Find a great price and save with Crazy Sales. In modern society, watching movie becomes one of the most usual ways of leisure. People can get relax, have fun and learn something from the movies. However, sometimes people do not have time to go to theater usually and many people dream of that they can enjoy movies at home just like in a theater. Then, on Crazysales, we provide you home theater system which can help to create a better environment for you to watch movies. Our home theater system will offer you with extraordinary watching experience.

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Home Theatre System Reviews

5 out of 5 from 91 reviews
Performance Issues

I had brought the ASTONE 2TG wireless DVR with wireless dongle.A very smart and nice looking unit and very easy to use.I was unable to use the wireless dongle for streaming media content however does double up as wireless dongle for my laptop i did have to resort in using my LAN connection which works flawlesslyThe 2TB internal hard drive would not allow my recordings so I had to resort to using an external hard driveThe Astone support team have been superb in there knowledgeand customer service I have so far spent 4 hours discussing my concerns as this unit is new and a still requires them to fully test the unit.I await to hear back from the Astone support team to Whether they can get the wireless dongle settings to allow media streaming.If the hadr drive and wireless dongle issues get sorted this unit would be exceptional.

LASER Blu-Ray DVD Player

I purchased 2 of these Laser Blu-Ray DVD Players as Christmas gifts one for my son and the other for my Son-Inlaw. These machines were cheaper on-line than at Big W store. In Big W they were advertised for sale for 99.00 where I only paid 89.00 . The machine was easy to install and for the cost was exceptional value clear picture so we had quality at a reasonable price. We were all happy with the DVD machine watching shows that had been put on a dvd very clear.

Versatile player with features to satisfy

The Laser Blu-Ray for under 100 is a good buy especially for those demanding playback of Internet content or commercial Blu-Ray disks from the US as well as Aussie ones.It supports avi mkv mp4 jpg etc no trouble. USB port or DVD-RRW.Blu-Ray 24fps supported but some minor glitches when switching between frame rates at times hence 4 out of 5. A firmware upgrade or better HDMI cable might resolve.Can039t really fault it apart from the above. It even has 7.1 analog connectors as well as HDMIOptical for those with older sound systems. Region switching for Blu-Ray is easy and a great plus. DVD was region free out of the box.Very pleased with this low cost player.

Excellent blu-ray recorder

this recorder is easy to set up amp has a brilliant picture quality.. would recommend..

Great Product

If you are looking to purchase this be aware that there is an issue with the remote it does not work. Akai have sent out hundreds of replacement remotes but it may be an issue with the receiver. Other than this issue it works and sounds great. Waiting on the third remote now if this dosnt work it will need to go back.


So happy with this dvd player it was delivered within a couple of days. Very easy to install and use - I can recommend it wholeheartedly. The price is certainly reasonable for a top local product.I have bought several items over the last few months from Crazysales and have been very happy with the wonderful service and products. Many thanks.

Terrific Product

This is a great samsung product the speakers might be small in size but they still give out lots of ooomf.Good size for the house.The size means they are easier place where you want them.

Thank you

This is great very quick delivery and the player works perfectly.I have played lots of dvds on the player and so have my children we have found that it has played all well and would recommend it to anyone.


Lovely dvd player. Super easy to operate. Absolute must have

Go see dvd from any region

This player has a composite video output and two audio for L and R channelThe video output is one single connection which makes installation easy just pop in the three connectors switch it on enter a dvd and it goes by itself.

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