Buy air humidifiers Australia at CrazySales to improve the indoor air quality by adding moisture into air. Especially in winter, climate in Australia can be uncomfortable because of the dry weather. Through transferring pure water to cool mist, a room humidifier can hydrate the dry air indoors. We’ve prepared an excellent range of high quality air purifiers and humidifiers that are perfect for making your indoor environment more comfortable.

When you add more moisture into the dry air, you make it a lot easier to breathe and have a better sleep at night. Dry air can cause a lot health problems, since dust and bacteria are always floating in the air. They can be inhaled into people’s lung resulting in many diseases, such as flu, coughing and so on. However, when the air humidifiers add the moisture to the indoor air, dust and bacteria will stop floating in air so that the air is purified because of the moisture increase. Say goodbye to the sticky and dusty air inside your house with our cool mist humidifiers!

Some poor-quality room humidifiers spray cool mist that feels like water flows, which may leave water stains on floor and furniture, even make your hair and clothes annoyingly wet. Nevertheless, our air vaporizers feature fine atomized water drips that won’t make you feel uncomfortable. Through the well-atomized cool mist, you can hardly feel the water drips but the air has been hydrated. That’s exactly what a high-quality air purifier should possess, as well as what all our air humidifiers have possessed.

Apart from air purification, our stylish room humidifier can be a perfect Home Decor that blend into most modern home and office styles. Some are crafted as simple subcylindrical design, while some are designed as the shape of a water drop or a vase. You can add some essential oil inside to make it emit pleasant scent.

In a word, whether you want a minimalism-styled humidifier cool mist to match your simple home decor, or look for a wooden air humidifier to blend into your home with many wood elements, we can offer the fitting option to you.

Humidifier Reviews

5 out of 5 from 267 reviews
Value for money

This is the best value for money diffuser on the market. It has style works perfectly and its blue light is quite calming. It is simple to use with one button ONOFF. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to diffuse essential oils in their home without destroying the active ingredients of the oils.


I am absolutely thrilled with the humidifier..I use it everyday with a scented oil home smells wonderful...I will wait for it to come on special again and buy one for my daughter...she also love things like the humidifier that you have...and it is so easy to operate ...cant stop saying that i love it...Thank You for sharing thisJudy Darby.

works a treat

2.3L Ultrasonic Air Humidifier Purifier Steam Aroma Vaporiser Diffuser this machine. Works like a dream.

Love it

Great product I love it it lasts for a good 16 hours Its so easy to use and the night light featured is great for the kids


I now own two of these humidifiers as I have increased the size of my mushroom grow room and it is perfect for this use. Better still is the size of the water tank and I only need to fill once a day to maintain the humidity.

Looks great and works brilliantly

This humidifier looks great with the brown wood effect really fitting in with our dcor. I love the fragrance reservoir and night light Large capacity means I dont have to constantly refill - highly recommended

A Breath of Fresh Air

This is a great unit for the bedroom very happy with the quality.


After having it on overnight I notice the fresh smell in the room in the morning. Love it.I put musk scented oil in it

Awesome product

Great product. Has helped us with asthma sinus and hay fever. Worked instantly and much better then our other products we have used.


Cannot believe the efficiency of this little machine and how quickly it worked to clear my Sinus problem. Within three hours I had clear nasal passages and an ability to breathe through my left nostril which has a Deviated Septum problem. So pleased and such an amazingly low price. Highly recommend this product. I also loved the added benefit of the air quality which I find very dry with Ducted Heating so now my skin is also benefiting from this amazing little Machine.

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