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About Inversion Tables


Suffering from back pain, have you ever tried inversion tables to relieve the pain? If not, did you ever hear of inversion therapy? As a matter of fact, the method of turning your body upside down can be effective to relieve the stress of your spine. But the key to make it work lies in a suitable inversion table.

The Genki inversion tables at CrazySales is such a Gym Equipment fitting most people’s exercise goals and spine situation. The most popular models are Genki Inversion Gravity Tables with humane designs and secure measures.

Placing the feet higher than head has been approved to have many health benefits for those who have spine pain. Methods of inverting the body have been invented for decades to counteract the effects of gravity. Using an inversion table is able to both lengthen the spine and reduce muscle activities. After a period of regular use, symptoms of spinal conditions can improve a lot.

According to the tutorial videos or images, we can see that you don’t hang yourself totally upside down. After all 100% upside-down posture of one’s body isn’t the best advice for many people, especially those who suffer from spine pain. It will cause sudden change of blood circulation that some people may feel sick. An inversion table can bluffer somehow by allowing you to adjust to the upside-down level.

Besides people who suffer from back pain or spine problems, inversion tables are also helpful to correct long-time sitters’ sitting posture. Most people lean over unconsciously during the long-time sitting, which causes poor posture in standing and walking. An inversion table allows you to place the head below the feet in a seated position. This position is safer for most people to balance their body and make blood circulation equalized. After the safe workout with a Genki inversion chair, this problem will be relieved.

If you are aggressive on your exercise goal, workouts with a gravity inversion chair can’t satisfy you. Get more gym equipment at our website, such as Abdominal Machines, Exercise Bikes and Treadmills. Before your biking or running, stretch the muscles to avoid getting hurt with an inversion table.