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Most people don’t think a jewellery cleaner is necessary since jewelry are seldom specially washed or cleaned. Some may rinse their necklaces, rings or bracelets under the flowing water. Actually the rinsing can only get rid of dust on the surface, but fails to clean the sweat, make-up or other stains sticking onto the jewellery.

Using an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner is the most reliable method to protect your precious Jewellery and keep them sparkling and shining! Under the long-time touching with skin, jewellery can be corrupted or get dull because of the sweat, make-up and dust. Simple washing with your hands won’t get rid of all the mixture mentioned above. But ultrasonic technology will get you jewellery as shining as they were just bought.

Simple and convenient operation is another reason that we recommend ultrasonic jewellery cleaners to you. For jewellery of great value, they need more frequencies of visiting jewellery stores for special cleaning and caring. But after getting an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner you don’t have to spare your time to visit jewellery stores every month. All you need to do is put your necklace into the ultrasonic cleaner, turn it on and wait for it returning the original sparkling effect.

Meanwhile, you can save a lot money on jewellery maintenance by investing a durable ultrasonic jewellery cleaner at home. A jewellery cleaner only costs about $50, approximately equal to jewelry maintenance for once.

In addition, to keep your jewellery shining and stylish, the maintenance can’t be neglected. Cleaning is just a part of the protection measures, and keeping them well-stored in a Jewellery Box could be another essential one. Come on, pick one from our jewellery maintenance accessories for sparkling ornaments!

Jewellery Cleaner Reviews

5 out of 5 from 647 reviews
Ultrasonic Stainless Steel Multi Purpose Sonic Wave Cleaner

Excellent Product with good build quality works very well.Very Happy

Item Okay

Works well on Dentures. Would be better with Cleaning Additive though

Fantastic Buy

What a fantastic buy. My husband agreed when I showed him how clean his glasses came up. You can literally watch the dirt float off the nose pieces. Thanks once again Crazy Sales for your exceptional service and prices.

Love this item

This is the best product I have bought to clean my jewellery with. It looks like its just come out of the store when it is cleaned

I love this item

This ultrasonic cleaner is amazing I think it works as well as the jewellers ultrasonic cleaners. Ive had other ultrasonic cleaners before and this one works so much better than the others.

Cleans my eyeglasses perfectly

The best method I have ever had to clean glasses.I saw one of these when first invented some years ago.The operator cleaned my glasses as a demo and it surprised me.A fraction of the price now and works just as good.

Love this amazing cleaner

Really happy with this jewellery cleaner. Have had one for 10 years and recently purchased this product and it is better than expected and the service was fantastic

good value

Its agreat little unit. used it to clean my wacth and some jewellery and could believe the amount of dirt it cleaned off them. Recommended it to any one.

Not impressed

Ive had to turn the machine on to its maximum setting 4 times now my sterling silver jewellery is just starting to look cleaner. This was a birthday present from my daughter were both a bit disappointed. I wouldnt recommend this product.

Clean as a whistle

my optician use a ultrasonic to clean my glasses and I was so impressed. I bought this unit which I use to clean a denture a razor and of course my glasses. On a visit at Christmas my daughter who lives in Singapore clean the sum of her jewellery and my unit left with her when she returned back to Singapore.So I bought another. delivery of both items was excellent.

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