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Kitchen knives generally either feature a curve near the tip, as in a chef's knife, or are straight for their entire length. The edge itself may be generally smooth (a "straight" or "clean" edge), or may be serrated or scalloped (have "teeth") in some way. Lastly, the point may differ in shape: most common is a sharp, triangular point (not pictured), as in a chef's knife or paring knife, though the French point (also called "Sheep's foot") is common in santokus, and a round point is sometimes found on long slicing knives.

With the higher pursuit of people lives, more delicate life style become the all-time wish for most of people. The word delicate has been applied to every thing, of course including kitchen and kitchen wares. In order to meet different cooking skills and different cooking materials, kitchen knives have been classified into different types according to different functions.
Kitchen knives includes fruit knives, meat knives, cheese knives, bread knives and so on. The handle of kitchen knives are also in different materials, such as wood handle, plastic handle, composite handle, stainless steel handle and so on. And also, kitchen knives are made from different materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, high carbon stainless steel, laminated, titanium, ceramic knives, plastic knives and so on.

Kitchen Knives Reviews

5 out of 5 from 34 reviews
Voodoo knife man

Love it love it love it. I gave this to my coloured partner for Christmas and told him if ever he cheated on me it wouldn039t be this little black man wearing the knives but him. He absolutly loves it and couldn039t wait to show it to his friends. I039m buying the white skewer voodoo man now for me I039m white. Fairs fair. My friend gave one to her partner who is a chef and he says that the knives are very good. So there you go. Enjoy. It039s brought lots of fun here.

Love love love it

I got sick of having three sets of knives and none of them being sharp so I decided to get rid of them all and buy one good set. I am so happy with this set it makes chopping a breeze I wish I had bought them sooner.

Compact amp Practical

This is compact in size but holds all the knives you will need in the kitchen. This is a real space saver amp attractive as well as practical.

Great Item. I love it

I was reluctant to buy knives that are over 20. However since i tried this Kyocera knife I will never look back and buy cheap knives anymore. This knife is definitely worth the buy. Thanks CrazySales

So handy

I love this tool It allows you to quickly improve dull knives or do a full sharpen of your knife set. The result is razor sharp knives that become a delight to use - just like they039re new. It039s so easy to use that I give my knives a brush up before each use. This is a must have kitchen accessory

wiltshire knives

Great knives I absolutely love them my others have been put to the side.

Top Cut Knives

This Wiltshire Knife Block Set is just what you need for your kitchen. The Block sits firmly on your bench knives are easy to use and it is great having scissors just at hand. Reputable brand affordable price quick shipment - what more could you ash for

Another winner

I seriously love this little guy. The humor is righ up my street. The quality from the man to the stand the knives even the packaging is first class. Amazingly fast delivery from Eastern States to WA. I can039t get enough of this little man. I039m looking all the time to see if there is a new little man with a differnt function. And the beauty of these little fellas is they are not only decorative but functional as well. I think we need some Voodoo Ladies now though to balance the act a little. lol I can039t get enough of this little dude. I have been buying off Crazy Sales for years now and have never had a bad deal from them. NO damage no faults just great deals. Keep up the great work Crazy Sales.Thanks a lot.

I love this item

This is a very good product a good price if excluding the delivery cost.

This was excellent value.

Having seen these knives used on most of the cooking shows I watch I was really keen to own some They are really expensive in the specialty stores and when I saw the price of these I really couldn039t believe it I have been using them at every opportunity and they are great a cross between a knife and a Japanese cleaver.So easy to use I can039t see me going back to my standard knives.


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