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The kitchen is the last room people think to decorate; function is usually the first concern. Crazy Sales offers the best prices on kitchenware that combine fashion and function. Choose from slicers, dicers and knives housed in chic sets or quirky bottle openers and holders to add a little flair.

Our designer kitchen and glassware is sure to add sophistication to any dinner party. With our wide range of food storage containers you won?t have to worry about wasting food or money. Decorate your oven with a cleverly designed tea kettle or hang a fashionable pot holder to brighten your room. Practice your cake decorating skills or entertain the children with our shapely bakeware. Whatever your budget may be, Crazy Sales will help your kitchen look like a million dollars!

Kitchenware Reviews

5 out of 5 from 581 reviews

service was very fast package was perfectly safe and most importantly quality of this cookset is excellent.. best price in victoria and beleive me because i checked before i bought..I am one happy customer.. thank you

love this

I have been using one of these to make lamingtons they come out the same size every time which gives the kids less to fight about also there are some great tasty ideas in the recipe book.

Really love this item

These scales are real quality. Firstly I love the way they look. Very easy to use and very easy to work it out. Would be easy even without the instructions.Love that I can add and weigh. As I have some of my mothers old recipes it is great to be able to measure in both imperial and metric. A real Bonus to measure milliletres and fluid ounces. I Purchased cheap digital scales once and that is exactly what I got. These scales are real class and come with a 15 year warranty. Couldn039t be happier

Love It

Looks amazing and handy too. Fits Pickwick and Twining sealed teas Robert Timms individual sealed coffee bags and also fits hot chocolate packets. Easy to clean. The window in the lid is great for selecting your choice. Sits nicely on the bench and looks like it039s worth more than it is. Definitely better than a lot of individual tea boxes in your pantry or having to hunt through your tea tin for yours or your guests choice. Love it.

good but doesnt fit aldi pods

good product but doesnt fit aldi pods. I was a bit dissapointed when the pod size required to fit into the holder was substantially smaller than the aldi podsLooks great and a sturdy item

Works well amp value for money

Shapes amp bakes nice rectangular white bread loaves. Lid is what helps to achieve shape but dough needs to be watched or timed otherwise lid will expand. Lid slides incredibly easily. Whole unit washes easily. Loaves slide out easily because of nonstick coating but I do oil lightly before sticking dough in may be unnecessary. Product much cheaper than other bread tins with lids I039ve seen.Haven039t weighed cooked bread loaf to give an idea of size but probably medium to average sized loaf.I would probably buy at least 2 of these tins if I wanted to make use of power bill of oven so I can cook at least 2 loaves together.

Well constructed bag holder

This bamboo holder for storing plastic bags looks amp feel nice. It039s well constructed amp a far better design for me than cloth bag holders amp bag holders made of hard plstic. The plastic one I had was awful as it was small amp wasn039t a nice feel for my fingers when trying to pull bags through. I don039t like cloth bag holders as the ones I have get in the way on the doorknob amp aren039t easy to pull bags out as this bamboo holder.

Bigger than a mini spatula

I consider this to be a medium sized spatula for gripping so it039s better than I expected amp good value. The mini spatulas I own are way smaller than this one. Silicon head is not as soft amp bendable as another silicon spatula I own but it039s still good for the price amp works reasonably with particular sized bowls amp shapes. Best features I like about this are- a ergonomic handle b hole in handle which allows me to hang it on my kitchen rails c bright pink colour stands out easily amongst other kitchen utensils particularly when it039s hung up on rail.

Unique idea amp bakes well

What a great idea for square muffins amp pan rather than traditional round. I haven039t seen this product too often so it039s probably hard to find elsewhere. I like it039s non-stick coating amp being able to pop in dishwasher. Very sturdy strong pantray not like some flimsy delicate trays. Bakes well too. I haven039t used for muffins yet but I have formed pieces of bread dough in each well let them rise amp baked. Was fine. Ideal shapes for hot cross buns amp other baked foods.

Great value for the money

These canisters look fantastic in my pantry. They are a great stylish glass alternative to toxic plastic storage.

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