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Organise your laundry with our wide range of laundry items. Order online at CrazySales and we'll deliver right to your door! Shop for laundry hampers, drying racks, laundry carts and more. Save money and make your life convenient as well!

Is it really a chore if it's this easy? Laundry day doesn't have to be something to dread. The trick is to make it feel less like work ? with smarter laundry tools to help you. For example, a wooden laundry hamper adds a touch of elegance to your laundry. Featuring lightweight yet durable fibreboard and a flat top lid with self-locking hinge, it is convenient and easy to access and storage. We also have laundry baskets.

Meanwhile, to dry your clothes, a foldable stainless steel drying rack let your clothes breathe and dry them out the natural way. Dryer balls is a natural and easy way to soften fabrics while saving money on fabric softeners, dryer sheets and energy. Your clothes dry faster too.

All in all, we provide you different kinds of useful laundry items with best price and quality. If you have any questions during your scanning and shopping, you can consult with our online customer service. Our professional CS team will provide you nice service during your shopping trip.

Laundry Reviews

5 out of 5 from 277 reviews
I Bought It For The Power Saving Not Performance

I have used the Clothes Dryer a few times now. It works okay with most of the clothes that need drying except the heavy ones like jeans and heavy towels etc. They need more time and because of that reason I039m not sure If you would benefit on the 35 power saving it is said to offer.Also to help the unit it039s a good idea to give your clothes an extra go on the spin cycle on your washing machine that helps cut the drying time down. Setup is not as quick as opening the dryer door and throwing the clothes in and away you go no there039s more work involved but if the power savings are true then it worth the extra time.Overall it does do what it039s made for and at 13 the price of an normal average clothes dryer it039s a fair price for what you get. It039s easy to install light weight and fits easily in the corner of the room. It did take the chill off the air too so as a room warmer small room it039s okay too but not as good as a heater in any way.If you want something cheaper than a normal clothes dryer and are not in a hurry for your clothes to dry then this would be something to think about for sure not forgetting the power savings it offers and I hope delivers.

Great item

Bought this on behalf of a friend who is very time poor working some six to seven days a week. Has to wear Hi Viz clothers ie rain jackets long sleeve tops and thick trousers as is an outside worker. She says that the jacket etc dries within an hour and is really impressed with the performance.Prior to the purchase she sometimes would take days to dry out the items.She is more than happy with the dryer and as per the previous comment is a much better cheaper option to run than the big clothes dryers.Also nowerdays quite a bit of the clothes are unable to be tumble dried so this can be used with most items.

Not Impressed

I purchased this item very recently and it arrived quickly thank you crazy sales. I was keen to start using it having a large family so put it all together quite easily - although it didnt come with any instructions. I have to say the concept is great which is why i bought it in the first place however the quality of the frame for the cart is very poor. The bags hold quite a decent amount of washing which is great but the handles slip off when you carry them over to empty into your washer and are somewhat not practical. The reason why i am not impressed is that after 2 days of use the whole frame collapsed and this is with one bag full - not even all three so the whole thing is in the bin - except for the bags which the kids will now use for their toys. Overall good concept but very poor execution. Wasted my money -

i love it

it039s very easy to assemble. i stored a lot of stuff in the draws ver useful

I do love this item

This is one very necessary item to have. It stores so easily and neatly. Looks great in my laundry and is so practical. Well made fitted together perfectly delivery was also within a couple of days. I couldn039t be happier with this. Got rid of the old ironing board and excess clutter I had.Now laundry is looking good Get yourselves oneSammy

Amazing Product

Purchased this Product think it would be just some non stable Cheap nasty Clothes rack I WAS WRONGthis Drying Rack it very stable i can put my King Size Sheets on it no problems i can fit at least 4 large basket loads on washing on it and still have some room I Love how it folds up very nicely and can place in small storage area until needed again

Best Buy

Cant tell you how excited I was to receive this drying rack. I only dry my clothes inside and usually have anywhere up to 3-4 drying racks laying about very bulky and hard to store away. This rack is AMAZING I can get a what I would fit on all 4 of my previous racks all on this one easy And the best part when your done it folds away so easy Honestly people...get yourself one you wont regret it

Great set of Racks

I love this drying rack. It works well opens up nicely its sturdy just place your clothes and the sun does the rest. I love that it extends so you can put so much clothes - its great. There are some plastic film around the ends which you will need to remove cause it looks ugly left on. You just have to buy one to see it.

Excellent choice

Having purchased a new house for our final years we realised that a clothes linewas not included what to do .Not having a large rear space we decided that a portable system would be the answer. After much research we discovered the foldable stainless steel rack at Crazy Sales. What a discovery easy to assemble and store. The ability to dryclothes out of the hot sun was a bonus.Highly reccommend this product and Crazy Sales

Foldable Stainless Steel Drying Rack

The price was very good and the drying rack is all good quality stainless steel and is a strong construction. The stay-latches are very positive and strong and it all looks well engineered.It folds and unfolds easily and is able to be slid wider for large items like King-Sized duvet covets etc.

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