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CrazySales has stocked an incredible range of cheap lawn mowers for sale from the extraordinary brands, like Black Eagle and Baumr-AG. They can not only bring ultra-performance on mowing for your perfectly manicured grass, but also feature their durability that will serve for many years to come. Our cheap lawn mowers online must be one of your helpful Garden Supplies that make your gardening tasks quite effortless.

Your lawn must be one of the first things guests notice as soon as they step into your place, so it’s important to maintain your lawn as well as your inner house. Otherwise no matter how much Garden Decor you get for your garden, a messy lawn can ruin all the beautiful impressions of your garden in guests’ mind.  

Perfect mowing performance can’t be achieved without a powerful engine. Black Eagle lawn mowers are powered by four-stroke engine that is able to trim your garden well. Besides, our Baumr-AG lawn mowers are also equipped with four-stroke air-cooled engine resulting in perfect versatility: collecting, mulching, side discharge, and rear discharge. You can tell their performance by the cutting height of grass, which is 25mm to 75mm.

Easy and handy operation is another reason that our lawn mowers can become so popular. With an adjustable handle for pushing, you can adjust to the handle until it fits your mowing style. Self-propelled lawn mowers feature their driving style that allows you to save a lot effort on pushing the mowing machine. In a word, you’ll find mowing a relaxing task since having one of our lawn mowers.

There’re other humane designs processed by our self-propelled lawn mowers, including the over-sized catcher formed with high quality flexible non-crack material. The catcher helps to catch all your waste grass, hence you don’t have to stop and empty half as often.

Above all, these attractive features of our lawn mowers for sale are gathered to change mowing from a tedious chore to an effortless task. Our Baumr-AG mowers even get a drink holder to let you have a zip when you want to pause. This thoughtful design can reflect producers’ confidence on their lawn mowers.

Take the hard work out of mowing with our high quality and cheap lawn mowers. With one of our Black Eagle lawn mowers and Baumr-AG mowers, the mowing job becomes at ease, even enjoyable because of the drink holder which allows you to have a zip anytime. Shop fast for our lovely bargains on lawn care tools such as lawn mowers and Leaf Blowers to relieve your hands on weeding!

Lawn Mowers Reviews

5 out of 5 from 229 reviews
Great mower...Great Price

Purchased and received my mower within three about quick Mower arrived for the most part pre-assembled just had to bolt the handle onto the mower body. Found two small pieces of plastic in bottom of carton and discovered damage to the inner wheel covers on both rear drive wheels I took a number of photos and emailed them to Crazy Sales as a warranty claim and the parts arrived today again within a few days of submitting the warranty claim. The mower is impressive for the price I paid for it 350 delivered and due to the quick turn-a-round times for initial delivery and warranty claim I am a happy MTM mower owner. In my honest opinion the damage to my mower was in no way caused by Crazy Sales as I suspect it to be a manufacturing defect only...Crazy Sales were wonderful in all areas of my purchasing this mower...Recommended

good design

36V Cordless Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Lawn Mower.This is a very well designed cordless mower. Light weight and best suited suburban lawns. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and function of the mower. Having looked at various other brands I would recommend this mower to be on your shopping list. I wouldn039t recommend it for mowing the back paddock but for the average home it would be fine.

Im impressed

I was looking for a self propelled lawnmower and came across the Baum-AG at a third of the price of others it was a no brainer...Being able to connect the garden hose to give the cutting department a clean is so clever. It is light and easy to manoeuvre....Thank you to Crazy Sales for having it available for sale......CheersMarty

what a great mower

checked the specs on most mowers - this came up well. On delivery I found it is just what I wanted. Has all the features they work and work well.An all round great mower and I am very happy to use it.

fast and easy-mowing

The Honda-powered unit has just relished our fine-sand that destroys in nothing flat most engines drive assemblies and any moving parts it can so-easily penetrate. The darn thing actually performs better than the name brand product costing circa 35 times the price possible due to the wheel size.The large drive wheels easily run across the sand as opposed to smaller wheels having to plough their way through it.A small bottom-piece of the plastic height adjuster broke off but I was able to effect a more permanent repair with a simple stainless-steel bolt. Oh the mower-deck is as strong-as largely because unlike other self-powered mowers on the market particularly thinking of another similar Australian offering here the thing IS NOT full of large holes that structurally weaken the deck. I039m the wrong side of sixty so any undue effort is unwelcome but this mower is certainly made for the elderly and partly infirm which was totally unexpected. It actually exceeded my desired purpose requirements in a very nice manner indeed.

Very Well Priced

Excellent mower for the price. Quiet and light so very manoeuvrable.

Great Mower

This is a powerful mower. It cuts and mulches very well. I would recommend it wholeheartedly


Very easy to start runs really well in drive

A Great Lawnmower

WOW it is so big was my hubby039s first words when he unpacked the 4 in 1 mower. Which is great as we are sharing the job with a ride-on-mower of our 2 acre property.It started first time it is easy to use easy to start a great looking machine. My hubby and I were suitably impressed. We received the mower in days and we live in Tassie so this in itself made us even more impressed. Thank you for such a great Dee

this item is good

I tried this machine for the first time yerserdayand it cut through the long and wet grasswith no troubleI was very pleased with the result.It was better than my Victa.

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