LED lighting we provide at CrazySales has high performance, long life and energy savings. It is guaranteed to provide you better, cheaper and healthier lighting than conventional fluorescent light and can easily be replaced with any existing fixtures.

Join now! Add a subtle white or yellow LED light to your house, besides customize your monitor, TV, or furniture with colorful LED lighting color to fit your mood! Find LED lighting for Any Occasion here. Anywhere you want, you can have brilliant and colorful LED lighting. The way you customize your lighting is only limited by your imagination!

All in all, if you're looking for LED lighting Australia, you should come here and check. Here we provide you different kinds of LED lighting with best price and quality. Find a great lighting idea for you, your friends and family here. The discovery of new angle, the appreciation of light's beauty, it's all constructed in this wonderful LED lighting!

LED Lighting Reviews

5 out of 5 from 306 reviews
Nice white lights

Lights work beautifullynever any issues and give a much better view of the road at night

I wouldn039t buy these

Filled with water first time it rained now backing inside has rusted. Wiring kit was good so basically I have bought an expensive wiring kit. Light works good but not suited to area where there is rain.

2 x 5000K H4 100W 12V Super White Car Bulbs

The best white car bulbs I039ve purchased marking on the roads and roads signs are well lit. When replacing bulbs yourself use cotton gloves and don039t touch the bulbs with your bare fingers.

omg love this awesome -

gr8 price awesome value i am very impressed same kinda product were i am is 3x039s more in price an less performancethese are awesome value

Excellent Product

These headlight globes have been so good that I have just recently sold my excisting vehicle which I had placed these headlight globes into as they lit up the road 100 times better than the original headlight globes and placed them into my new vehicle.

I039ve seen the light

There is a remarkable difference between the standard 55-60 watt H4 bulb and these little rippers 2 120 watt spotlights on my other vehicle even seen pretty pale in comparison All that without that annoying 039Fully blue039look that you may have seen on other approaching vehicles whilst driving at night.I am happy to recommend this product.

Great feature

These speakers pack a punch for the price and look great at night with the blue lights

Great Globes

Bought these globes in the past for a VZ Commodore made good headlights excellent onces. Great spreaddistancecolour. Just bought another set of two pairs put one pair in my brothers 2012 Volkswagen Caddy van completely different lights although made his standard daylight running lights look terrible forcing him to spend alot more than this on LED ones. And a set for my Land Rover Discovery same deal nothing but praise.

Light your way

Hi friends purchased this pair not long ago.Have just finished installing them on our Motorhome.They are great to say the least.Would really say to try them if you wish to light your way.

Let There Be White Light

As easy to install as any non-colour corrected H4 automotive globe be sure to wear cotton gloves and don039t touch the quartz globe or the oils in your skin will ruin the light output 90 Watts low beam compared with the typical 55 Watt 100 Watts high beam compared with 60 Watt typical give much whiter brighter light. The Wattage output exceeds the Australian standard for H4 globes but as long as your car has good modern electrics and lenses that leave a bit of space from the globe to prevent lens overheating and discolouring especially with plastic lenses - check with your brand dealer or service expert if in doubt - these are marvellous. Massively safer for high beam country night driving and considerably better for low beam suburban work. Provided the headlights they are in are well adjusted same height straight on at 10 metres on high beam - point at a wall in the dark to check they039ll be fine.

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