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About Mannequins

Steve Jobs had a saying, “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them”. Your customers don’t know what they want to wear when they enter your clothing shop. But the moment they see a mannequin displaying the unique collection of the store, they will instantly know what will look good on them. Therefore, an article of clothing at a clothing store cannot exert its value unless it is worn by a dummy.


The display manikin is more than a three-dimensional clothes rack. It acts as a promotional tool. A mannequin standing inside your clothing store will attract potential customers among the people passing by, thus bringing benefits to the store. The mannequins highlight the latest prevailing trend in cloth and influence the customers to buy not only to which they have intended but also the extra accessories worn by the mannequin such as jewellery. Moreover, without a manikin displaying them, the clothes will be neglected even if they come with the best quality and the most innovative design.


There are several things to consider when choosing a fashion mannequin. Firstly, make sure the shape and size of the mannequin fit your target market. For example, if you are an owner of an elite store, an abstract mannequin is recommended for its astonishingly fine detailed finish and displaying the best quality of your clothes. Secondly, always keep the dummy clean and have no stains. Your new arrivals will depreciate as soon as the customer notice a stain on the mannequin. Finally, place the manikin in a proper situation in your store. A fashion dress form aims to help a customer decide whether they want to try the clothes or not, rather than acting as an object of an obstacle blocking the customer’s view.


Crazysales sells a large range of lay figures, which include female, male, and child’s mannequins. No matter which type you needs, abstract mannequins, headless mannequins, tailors dummies, or display forms, you get the best deals at Crazysales.

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