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About Mop

If you think mopping floor is a super tiring job consuming much physical effort, you must miss the latest mop offerings with hurricane spinning or steam cleaning functions. They’ve replaced traditional sweepers and save people from tough mopping with bad results. At CrazySales, multiple spin mops and steam mopping cleaners are carrying the mission of bringing you a relaxing mopping. Unlike vacuum cleaners for daily cleaning, they can help you deal with thorough mopping at home.

360-degree swivel of the spin mops is the key to reduce drying task while squeezing out water before floor-mopping. You won’t be bothered by the water flows left on floor because of the moist mop. The self-swivel drying get your hands free from wringing mop heads. Besides, Micro-fiber mop heads process strong absorption ability, which guarantee a proper moisture level for cleaning.

Compared to the traditional fixed mop heads attached to the stick, our spin mops can be adjusted flexibly to fit the cleaning area, especially the edges and corners in a room. If you choose our Maxkon Steam Hygienic Mop, the triangle mop head design is very suitable for cleaning blind edges. These humane designs must get rid of your old idea of mopping. Come on and check our mops on sale, you’ll be surprised to get a mop ideal for home cleaning.

Some of our mops are equipped with many bonus accessories. All of our spin mops are equipped with a bucket for holding cleaning water and drying mop heads. In the bottom of our buckets there’re wheels for rolling away instead of holding it up. But it’s also equipped with a handle on top for convenience. 2 or 4 extra mop heads are bonus as well for your convenient use so that you don’t need to buy mop heads frequently. CrazySales always tries to offer the best cost efficiency to our customers.

Time to change your troublesome conventional mop at home, along with your old idea about floor mopping! With our high-tech and humane-designed cleaning supplies including mops, bins and jewelry cleaners, you can clean the whole house at ease.