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If you think mopping floor is a super tiring job consuming much physical effort, you must miss the latest mop offerings with hurricane spinning or steam cleaning functions. They’ve replaced traditional sweepers and save people from tough mopping with bad results. At CrazySales, multiple spin mops and steam mopping cleaners are carrying the mission of bringing you a relaxing mopping. Unlike vacuum cleaners for daily cleaning, they can help you deal with thorough mopping at home.

360-degree swivel of the spin mops is the key to reduce drying task while squeezing out water before floor-mopping. You won’t be bothered by the water flows left on floor because of the moist mop. The self-swivel drying get your hands free from wringing mop heads. Besides, Micro-fiber mop heads process strong absorption ability, which guarantee a proper moisture level for cleaning.

Compared to the traditional fixed mop heads attached to the stick, our spin mops can be adjusted flexibly to fit the cleaning area, especially the edges and corners in a room. If you choose our Maxkon Steam Hygienic Mop, the triangle mop head design is very suitable for cleaning blind edges. These humane designs must get rid of your old idea of mopping. Come on and check our mops on sale, you’ll be surprised to get a mop ideal for home cleaning.

Some of our mops are equipped with many bonus accessories. All of our spin mops are equipped with a bucket for holding cleaning water and drying mop heads. In the bottom of our buckets there’re wheels for rolling away instead of holding it up. But it’s also equipped with a handle on top for convenience. 2 or 4 extra mop heads are bonus as well for your convenient use so that you don’t need to buy mop heads frequently. CrazySales always tries to offer the best cost efficiency to our customers.

Time to change your troublesome conventional mop at home, along with your old idea about floor mopping! With our high-tech and humane-designed cleaning supplies including mops, bins and jewelry cleaners, you can clean the whole house at ease.

Mop Reviews

5 out of 5 from 2492 reviews
Watery steam mop

I had purchased for my Mum another brand last year, and blow me down been waiting and waiting but still no luck in getting that one, so opted to purchase this steam mop. Well its not bad, does the job, cord miles too short...(one for Mum, its lead was 5 metres, great)..This one lets out too much water with the steam...floors pretty it doesn't like Lino much at all...very hard to manoevre on the lino. Tiles great...haven't tried it on the carpet yet, hope to this week...worried about the amount of water it lets out though??? So its OK, but for the which I got it $ delivery...$51.00 odd all Mums approx same price...but if get it at the price offered today $30something then fine...anyway...just thought I'd express my thoughts on this product..

Fantastic Buy!

Being a mum of two under 3, this was my buy of the year! Not only do I NOT have to carry a bucket of water around with me, my vacuuming and mopping are now done in record time. I know that the floor surfaces are all free from germs and am so happy that the big messes associated with little children are no longer taking me hours of scrubbing to clean! All I do is hold the mop over it for a little longer. The only thing I have to watch is that the kids wear shoes for a while after cleaning - the tiles are so clean that the kids are prone to slipping over afterwards!!

Great product, great price!

High quality product fits my steam mop perfectly. Now I can keep using the mop as often as I want or need to instead of waiting for a pad to be washed.

Good for the price

Item delivered really fast. used it to steam the carpet and it was pretty good, though no chance removing set in stains. same applies to tiles, good steam, fast, but grouts does not magically go white like you might see in those infomercials, and I suggest stains and spots are best left to the pros. the mop pad is a little ill fitted but that is the same with all other machines I guess, but it does its job. the power cord is absolutely perfect at 5m long. in most cases I don't need to dig out the extension cord and just change the powerpoint as i go about different areas. mop is very light (I had to pick it up and walk home with it from the post office 15 mins away. no sore arms) only complaint is that the steam is not one of those "really dry steams" and is not really suitable for our floating laminated floors, as it does leave a film of moiture behind. (hence not "walk on dry"within 10 seconds). then again, it was so cheap you can hardly feel right asking it to be equal to those machines that cost hundreds of dollars!

Broken after 5 months

I was disappointed when this steam mop broke after just 5 months use. I thought it was a bit dodgy when it only came with a 3 month warranty. The product done a good job but just didnt last. Will by another steam mop with a LONGER warranty next time

Excellent but don't be fooled by all the hype

Great product, mopping the floor is so much quicker, so easy to use hard to get wrong!!!, i gave this product 3 stars because it states to have hygienically clean floors you need to leave the steam cleaner on for 8 seconds on the area you want hygienically clean i have a huge space that is tiled i don't have 8 seconds per tile I'll be steaming my floors all day long, but other than that floors are CLEAN ( not super hospital grade hygienically clean but i can live with that)and with the hot steam dirt lifts away very easy. Product is also a bit top heavy be careful not to leave it resting on things it might tip over. But i still recommend to everyone. great price!!

great product

Have had this steam mop for 3 months now and it works great. Cleans really well, easy to use and i get the mopping done quicker than using a mop & bucket. Also much easier on my bad back!!

This Steam Mop is the best thing I have ever purchased!

This steam mop was delievered within ordering it within 3 days- I was a bit sceptical about a steam mop being under $40 but thought I may asweelll buy it and try it out.. So I did.. I went to mums house and decided to test it on her kitchen tiles which had only been scrubbed with a srubbing brush.. alot of the dirt was deep within the tiles and no matter how hard you scrubbed, they were never completely clean. The most dirty part was near the sink and the fridge.. so I tried it out and soon worked out that some parts need to have the steamer sitting on it for 15 seconds or so.. and I also used "handy Andy" cleaner on them aswell which lifted the dirt off.. I recommend using some kind of heavy duty cleaning liquid on hard to remove stains on tiles.. After an hour (and ALOT of tiles)- i had finished and used a scrubbing brush around the edges of the kitchen and a towel- the dirt came off completely with NO hastle!!! The tiles have NEVER been so clean EVER! There was not ONE bit of dirt left on them and mum was sooo happy! (not to mention it was her birthday yesterday so this even made her day better!!) I would recommend this to ANYONE with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.. the cloths fit FINE (make sure you use the pully tag bit to make it secure)- I have NOTHING to complain about with this machine !! I will be purchasing one for my mum for christmas! Thank you for a fantastic product!!

STEAM MOP, disappointed it broke already

I have had a H20 mop before and thought was good, the maxkon had more steam coming out, more powerful, but only 4 months use and it's gone. For it's price it's okay just bare in mind that in 4-6 months you will have to buy a new one.

Love it!!!!

Love this mop it is better than the vax steam mop i had as the head swivels and thats good to get around things. Another review said it leaves a lot of water on the floor, yes thats true but i changed their pad to the vax steam mop pad because they are thicker and that solved the problem the Maxkon`s are thiner and they dont absorb the water enough. But other than that i love it love it!!!!

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