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Acoustic foam plays an important role in creating a perfect recording environment, as well as many other music accessories like drum chairs, piano stools, microphone stands. Whether you’re recording a pop song or converting a room into a dance centre, you need to think about acoustics. The simplest and cheapest measure for soundproofing must be acoustic foam and acoustic panels. By using the acoustic foam in various style and material, you can get rid of all unpleasant factors that aren’t welcomed in your space.

Egg crate and wave shaped sound proofing foam are better for absorbing mid/high frequencies to prevent them from bouncing back. Featured with a high-density acoustic foam cell structure, our egg crate acoustic panels are durable material to safeguard your acoustics for a long time. And the colour and designs of these sound absorbing wall panels must match most indoor decor style, from a recording studio to formal conference hall.

A bass strap is a kind of acoustic panel that can deal with low frequencies. Many low-frequency sounds can be harmful to hearing, which is why many families take some measures to deal with the low-frequency sound proofing. Besides, low frequencies will destroy a recording melody if you don’t choose the right acoustic solution. Bass strap acoustic foam is a perfect material to help flutter echoes and reduce excessive sounds. If you have a recording studio, bass strap acoustic panels are necessary.

No matter which material of acoustic foam you want to choose, all you need to do is attaching them to walls in sheets. They can be easily attached with staples, nails, screws, tacks, glue or Velcro. Whether you want to set up a home theatre or get a recording studio, you can choose our acoustic solutions to absorb all the unpleasant sound factors.

Besides acoustic foams, there’re many other music accessories and Instrument Accessories prepared for you to improve your recording experience or upgrade a music studio, such as drum chair, piano stool, microphones and microphone stands. Come on and shop for the high-quality music accessories at the lowest prices!