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We have all kinds of outdoor power equipment provided here in CrazySales for you to choose. Shall we take a look at them to see if they fit for serving your beautiful home?

An electric high pressure washer will definitely ensure you have enough reach to get underside your car, large worksite or every inch of that roof and with its wheel trolley design, you can transport this beast anywhere. Whether you're preparing tons of firewood, lopping huge trees, clearing overhanging branches or removing bushfire hazards, a balanced design chainsaw with E-Start will surely come in handy.

Mowing your lawn may not be a great memory for you, but our high quality brand new lawn mower could help you reduce so much hard work and help you create your best memory with your lovely lawn.

We are dedicated to providing you as many practical outdoor power equipment as we can. Click to check more. Here you can get all kinds of them in different designs, functions and sizes. Big discount and unique design are the reason you choose us. Place order now, you can get a big discount.

Outdoor Power Equipment Reviews

5 out of 5 from 791 reviews

I have had this mower for a couple of months and I am using it around farm sheds. Fairly rough ground initially weeds up to 600mm high. The Chonda motor always starts easily. The manual says not to use it on grass which is wet or higher than 150mm but I had no choice. On its highest setting and full power it managed OK by taking 12 width cuts. And occasional restarts when it stalled in really thick stuff. Next time 3 weeks later when the grass was only about 150 high it breezed through. The self propelled wheels coped with steepish slopes and reasonably thick grass and only occasionally did it need a bit of pushing help from me.The controls are well laid out and easy to understand and use. You have to fill the engine oil not supplied before starting. The build quality is fine. Plastic wheel caps come off if knocked but they seem cosmetic only.Time will tell if it lasts but my impression is that it is as good as any locally made mowers I have used in the past and I love the self propelled feature.

Good product overall

This is the second Dual Power chainsaw I039ve bought and I got this one to replace my stolen 084. I was surprised to find that the power of this one is basically the same if not more than the old 084.As with all of these machines that have a lot of vibration I would recommend people to put thread lock on the bolts and I lost the one from the handle within the first week easily replaceable though.I didn039t like the way the oil tank cap seals. You have to screw it right down until it039s flush with the orange covers. I thought it was down tight until it hit against a branch and poured the oil out everywhere. I haven039t had any problems with it since but it039s probably the only weak point on the whole machine.The other thing I advise is to be careful using ethanol-containing fuels in these chainsaws and possibly other Dual Power equipment. The fuel line in my first Dual Power chainsaw wasn039t designed for how much of a solvent the ethanol is and it disolved away within a couple of weeks. You can buy fuel lines that suit ethanol fuel from most auto stores but I039ve just been running premium fuels in all my Dual Power equipment now and haven039t had any problems.Like with the other Dual Power gear you can039t beat the price. I figured that ten of these costs the same as one similar sized chainsaw from the main chainsaw brand that everyone knows but I039m sure ten of these will out-last one of the other.Overall this is a good chainsaw for its price. Plain and simple.

excellent value

I bought my first one five years ago we live in the country with an open wood fire as our only heat source we would average a uteload of cut up wood a week. My first one has never missed a beat and everyone that has tried it has since bought one. The old girl was getting a bit tired so I have just bought a new one and retired the old girl for parts. Highly rated and excellent value for money

Great mower...Great Price

Purchased and received my mower within three about quick Mower arrived for the most part pre-assembled just had to bolt the handle onto the mower body. Found two small pieces of plastic in bottom of carton and discovered damage to the inner wheel covers on both rear drive wheels I took a number of photos and emailed them to Crazy Sales as a warranty claim and the parts arrived today again within a few days of submitting the warranty claim. The mower is impressive for the price I paid for it 350 delivered and due to the quick turn-a-round times for initial delivery and warranty claim I am a happy MTM mower owner. In my honest opinion the damage to my mower was in no way caused by Crazy Sales as I suspect it to be a manufacturing defect only...Crazy Sales were wonderful in all areas of my purchasing this mower...Recommended

Good Value for Money

This works a treat-my paths look like new.Very happy with my purchase.

Excellent Value For Money

With the easy to use adjustable nozzle its powerful where needed as well as gentle where needed and can also be adjusted to anywhere inbetween.

Great product

Got this water pressure it039s great value but we need the hose fitting we lost this where can I get another one please...

good design

36V Cordless Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Lawn Mower.This is a very well designed cordless mower. Light weight and best suited suburban lawns. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and function of the mower. Having looked at various other brands I would recommend this mower to be on your shopping list. I wouldn039t recommend it for mowing the back paddock but for the average home it would be fine.

Excellent shredder even takes Foxtail palmfronds

Got this shredder for the bargain price of 459 CrazySale indeed. Shipping on these puppies is a fair bit but then again the box is friggin 80kg039s so its not expensive you get value for your monies there too. About the shredder itself its easy enough to put together if you got some flat space and a block to rest it on. comes with a cute little set of Chinese-lady-gloves and safety gear. Use of the earmuffs are a must as the engine and cutter-blade gets noisy when you run it at capacity. I was a little surprised when i noticed the quotcutting bladesquot in the shredder mechanism are just plain flat 2mm metal squares but boy do they make a meal out of anything you put into this thing Works like a charm. There IS a cutting blade for the quotdirectquot feeder-tube which is where you would put anything like palm fronds branches and twigs. I learnt this the hard way don039t put a palm frond in the top feeder 30 minutes of learning how to unscrew the box cleam out the mess and star again... I also put a massive fresh cut green palm frond in the side feeder not sure of the species but these buggers are near 8 meters long the motor was coping fine and i was at this point massively surprised at how well it handled then the last meter got sucked in through the tube in one gulp and the whole thing went clonk again. 20 minutes of cleaning later and it was back up and happy again. All up for the money i paid for this unit i am incredibly happy with it. Comparable units costs about 2000 to 3000 in the local shops or direct from manufacturers and for someone with 60 palm trees in their backyard this one is a bargain. No electric shredder would come close to touching this unit.It produces very fine shredded mulch perfect for garden beds or compost filler. 5 stars well earned. If i didn039t get it at the crazy sale price it might have gotten 4 but i am a hard customer to please

good value for money

With two of these chainsaws we cut up and pulled out all of the logs from 1.2 hectares about 5 acres of hardwood eucalypt forest that had been bulldozed to create an orchard. By the end both chainsaws were getting very hard to start. So it039s not a professional chainsaw but is good value for money. My only dissatisfaction is that they leak a bit of chain oil so I need to keep it on something to catch the oil. I039ll be buying another when the come back into stock.

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