A convection oven is necessary for every family regardless of a family's size. Crazy Sales has the widest selection of convection ovens online to make choosing this essential home Appliance Online a simple job! While microwaves may appear to replace the conventional ovens, the original sweet flavor of food seem to be ignored by people. Toaster ovens come in when you are busily making breakfast for a large family. And a toaster oven is great for keeping things warm during parties or dinners. Crazy Sales stocks various convenient ovens for sale for large or small kitchens.

Featuring the combined benefits of high efficiency, energy saving and flavor locking, electric ovens become many families' choice. With the additional advantage of easy operation, nobody can say no to such a convenient kitchen appliance.

High efficiency can be revealed with two figures: using a convection oven can reduce cooking time by up to 25%, and cooking temperature by 30%. With less cooking time and lower temperature, it can help you win flavorful cuisines.

Even heated is another attractive selling point of convection ovens to protect the food from being over-cooked or undercooked. Inside there's a fan offering even hot air to heat the food, reducing the risk of burnt spot on food.

Versatility is the trend of modern kitchen appliance's development. Our ovens aren't the exception. They're perfectly invented for cooking, warming, roasting, re-heating and baking.Whether you want to bake a pizza, or grill a chicken with BBQ flavor, our convection ovens will never disappoint you.Even when you want to eat some baking food with BBQ flavor, a convection oven can help you achieve. In a word, a convection oven is a combination of an Airfryer, a Hot Plate and a Toaster.

Our durable brand name convection ovens are great to store away under the counter when you don't need them. Baking pizzas, whole chickens or bread are no longer problems for a counter-top oven. The combining benefits of a small oven, like energy saving, portable lightweight enable more and more people to realize its importance in camping. Besides, when you cook for a large group and fail to spare your hands, a small oven can be your extra helper. Get convection ovens at low prices when you shop at Crazy Sales!

Ovens Reviews

5 out of 5 from 895 reviews
Fantastic product

This has got to be the best cooking item I have found in 77yrs of living. I can cook a whole breakfast in it - bacon eggs hash browns tomato toast - all at the one time. I am now buying myself a second one to leave permanently in our motorhome and I gave one to my daughter. Highly recommend and would never use a conventional over ever again.

Great product

Excellent easy to use and clean. Just to note that you cant use the hot plates and the oven together. Fast oven with elements top and bottom.

Love this oven

Wow A baked dinner in 50 mins - no fat no washing up. I highly recommend this product for it039s speed and efficiency. For such a low cost - no more oven cleaning for me. Excellent and so cheap.

Great oven

Brought this oven before the price went up because of that it was a great bargain it works well and so much easier than a conventional oven. Great Oven.

Useful items for tabletop ovens amp kitchen

I039ve given 5 stars for value for money because many accessories included amp for practical uses in small ovens amp in kitchen. Although this is for an Oven Express I bought this partly for my round portable tabletop oven Easycook Health Oven model e757 amp partly for kitchen. Steamer amp frypan each fit fine in my e757 oven amp on its oven rack remove easily with oven039s tongs amp are 25.5-26cm end-to-end diameter. Both worked fine in e757 oven eg very light steamer baked lebanese pita bread crisps amp heavier frypan roastedgrilled red capsicums. I039m hoping steamer will cook me better pizza bases than tray that came with e757. I cover both these with foilbaking paper as not sure if exposed oil will stain them during heat. Bread rack toast rack is strong as a kitchen organiser eg my small heavy cooling rack for breads stands fine in rack slot. Strong heavy lid holder easily holds heavy lid of my large Le Creuset cast-iron french casserole pot...this is handy with my limited benchtop spaces amp protects my tabletop.Skewers are about 20cm length excluding round hook amp useful to me with my round oven skillets amp in cake testing.


Great oven it fits well in my motorhome cooks real well excellent allrounder

Great product - Easy to use - Makes an excellent roast.

I have used this product almost every day since I purchased it. It gives great results for the recipes and meals that I have made. I just love the so called roast potatoes that brown without fat. I might try a brush of butter one day.The two levels of cooking makes breakfast menus easy. The toast is yummy and the bacon crisps nicely.Easy to use and easy to move about. I have a very small kitchen so I appreciate that the Cooker can be moved easily.I am also happy to wait for it to cool down before I clean it All in all a very recommendable item. How simple is 039set the time and set the heat039. I do not like to spend too long in my kitchen but I am looking forward to trying out other recipes just for the ease of it.When my microwaves convection failed on me I wondered what to do because I used it so much. Now I have the answer. It could be the answer for you.It is all hot air and I love it

Big User Air Fryer

Purchased the Space Capsule Air Fryer 3 weeks ago and have used it considerably with good results. The set up was a bit slow as there are not a lot of instructions but after a little confusion it was working as stated. Tried to do a roast leg lamb and veges but it did not cook through and the veggies did not brown probably a bit more experience may get it right. All other cooking has been great especially chips crisp on the outside soft in the centre. All up a great unit. Down side could have more information on operation cooking times. See how it goes in the long term as there in no information on warranty or where the product is manufactured so I guess Crazy Sales will be the first port of call if anything goes wrong.

Great Buy

Excellent oven so versatile. The rotisserie is so easy to use.

overpriced but cooks ok

I have too many kitchen products and thought this would replace them all. It does cook well and has good temperature controls. it has a higher heat range than a glass convection oven and baked potatoes started to brown within 10 minutes. It cooks frozen pies well. My lamb roast was a little overdone as it does heat very well. The cooker is large and needs a large cupboard to store.The quality of the stainless steel bowl in this cooker is not great and scuffed badly after one light scouring. The chrome plating is thin and the metal in the accessories is also thin. At a lower price this cooker would be good value.

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