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Easy and convenient pest control solutions Australia are showcased at CrazySales to keep your Home and Garden quiet away from the unwelcomed guests. Snake repellents, animal traps, bug zappers and insect traps can be found at our website, ensuring keeping them away or controlling them without any hurt.

The latest amalgamated pest control technologies are adopted in our products as well, including solar power, ultrasonic techs and ingenious cage designs. All of these technologies are available on catching or controlling the pests to offer you a safe and peaceful home or workplace.

The main benefit to get these technological pest control equipment with is to guarantee you and your family to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and safety. Our solar powered snake repellents ensure your pet or little one can play outside without the threat of conventional toxic chemicals for snake control. Your plants, trees or crops will grow safe from the nibbling of hungry little critters and poisonous pest control remedies. Everyone deserves to enjoy the grassy areas around their home without the worry of being attacked.

Our humane pet cages are advanced at their designs instead of technology, a great way to capture stray or feral animals squatting on your property. These animal traps are able to confine potentially dangerous animals while you relax at a safe distance. The sturdy cage makes it easy for the animal to be easily removed and without having to go hunting or waking up to a grizzly scene.

Compared to the conventional pest catching or controlling methods, our pest control series with non-toxic equipment won't hurt you as well as the pest. You can stay assured while using them to keep the uninvited little guests away.

As long as you have any bothering pest problems, come to CrazySales for the latest-tech pest control offerings with great durability and humane design. Without guilt of hurting animals or unwelcomed guests, you can easily have Home Security after buying our pest control series.

Pest Control Reviews

5 out of 5 from 2204 reviews
Great item works well

Been using these products continuously for past 3 years. Only problem is sourcing replacement tubes. Some have lasted 2 years of continuous usage 247. Others only one year. Generally reliable as long as maintained well. Replacement tubes cost nearly as much a new unit.


Bought this Product on 06 Jan amp here we are using it on the 08th Jan. Super fast service. Thank you.This Product is excellent. I highly recommend to any one considering to purchase. It goes practically anywhere being light weight and a neat little package.

Great bug Zapper

The product Aluminium Alloy Electric Insect Zapper Killer is one that I can recommend easily. It is sits on the top of cupboard out of the way and goes about it is work constantly.I connected the day i received it and it has not been off yet and the amount of bugs is outstanding have to empty soon though

no more poisons

This is ideal if you are like me and don039t want to use mouserat traps or poisons so far I have found it039s very affective at keeping micerats away from my bird cages

Snake Free Zone

We have the Solar Powered Snake Repellent with LED light installed in the back yard and there has been no sight of the black snake that had been seen there several times the previous week. VERY PLEASED.

best buy ever

I purchased two and they work so well I will be ordering another two.They appear flimsy but certainly do the job.

Fantastic price for a great product

Would recommend to others as since we have installed the snake repellars we have not had a snake in our back yard great safety for my dogs

We used hard boiled eggs as bait

My fowl pens are build to withstand a charging elephant but we knew something was taking my Guinea Fowl eggs. We ordered a trap and it arrived within 34 days. We set the trap in the fowl pen using boiled hens eggs as bait. The next day we caught a huge lizard. We took the lizard to the furthest most corner of our property and let it go - completely unharmed. A good result. The trap fold ups flat and is robust enough to hold anything caught with hurting it and secure enough that we were able to relocate the lizard safely without removing it from the trap first. I039m expecting baby Guinea Fowl to hatch any day now.

Gives peace of mind

Havent seen any snakes near the house since installing these repellers I have seen lizards take off when they hear the noise these make so they deffinately DO work gives peace of mind knowing the kids are better off with these repellers around.

solar snake repellent

So far so good no snakes and I have to say I feel more confident with them emitting their low pitch noise as I feel that would definitely put snakes off staying My dog has killed quite a few snakes poisonous ones in our garden so I worry a lot that one day she will get bitten. The price is very cheap and anything that deters snakes into my dog039s and chooks039 garden is well worth it. I would definitely recommend these -

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