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About Pest Repeller

Do you want a safe, speedy, effortless and convenient way to keep animals at a distance without the use of toxic chemicals or cruel traps? Our bird repellent at CrazySalse is the ultimate answer for you!

This pest repeller is a great way to keep unwanted animals from destroying your garden. Hear that? Silence. That's right. The moment the infrared sensor detects movement the device emits a high pitched frequency inaudible to humans but unpleasant for animals. The noiseless, non-lethal repeller is high efficient and literally won't affect your life at all but only making it better.

No more scurrying, no more scratching. Your house is yours once more, it's pest repeller protected. Mice and rats running like mad, leaving your home, leaving you alone.
Here we provide you different kinds of bird repellents with best price and quality. If you have any questions during your scanning and shopping, you can consult with our online customer service. Our professional CS team will provide you nice service during your shopping trip.