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For most cat and dog owners, you won't want to miss our various cat and dog supplies. We all know that there's a world of difference between dogs and cats' lifestyles and temperament. For dogs, we have dog collars and apparel, dog training equipment, dog crates and puppy playpen etc. While for cats who seem quieter and like scratching and climbing, we offer cat scratching posts and cat trees and other cute cat toys. Besides, some of our products can be shared by cats and dogs, like the automatic pet feeders, cat carriers and dog kennels. Pamper your cats and dogs with our great selection of dog supplies and cat supplies, from eating habit to skill training.

Certainly there're other pet owners besides dogs and cat lovers. For birds and other furry pets, the first important thing is finding a cozy living place for them. So come to buy a high quality bird cage for them to live and stretch their wings, and your birds will love it! Little furry animals can get a hutch house with realistic structure and spacious inner space.

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Pet Supplies Reviews

5 out of 5 from 19310 reviews
Cat039s paradise

Firstly I received this the day after I ordered it. Brilliant service Initially I was very concerned about putting the item together but it was incredibly easy. The instructions are easy to follow and it039s simply a matter of using the supplied Allen keys. Putting it together by myself and with two very excited cats eager to try it out as soon as I started putting it together it was up in just over an hour. It is very cleverly designed so that the sections would be easy to dismantle and put back together if ever I needed to move it. Most importantly my boys absolutely love it playing wildly on it for hours after. They now sleep there as well. One of my cats a ragdoll is strictly indoors so this was for him to keep him entertained. Best decision I could have made. Thank you Crazy Sales for an excellent product and service

Service Value and Quality

I did not expect my order to arrive so quickly at this time of the year Christmas but was there in a matter of days even without the extra postage....after all it is just for the dog and he doesn039t know what day is Christmas Day...everyday for him I039d expectThis is a quotjust for funquot item that will amuse our dog and give him a different challenge from time to time. I was expecting it to be more flimsy than it actually is although I would not leave it outside continually nor leave the dog alone to use. It is great that it folds up to a small package so it can be carried in the car and taken to a park for a different option.It is not intended to be used for official Agility work but as a practice between training it should be a bit of fun and incentive to use the heavy duty official tunnel at training.It is large enough for a fully grown Golden Retriever to access and pass thru so the description could include info about what size dogs it may be suitable for as an additional benifit to potential purchasers.

Fits 3 adult cats comfortably and a kitty litter tray.

The main picture in the ad shows a tent with a floor attached to the sides but this tent has a detached circular floor that is held with a few velcro squares. I039ve put the tent on my verandah and the cats can easily lift and escape out under the side of the tent. I put a thick blanket to hide the floor and it worked. Also the velcro doesn039t match up and leaves creases and folds in the base. But the thick blanket covered it fine. I imagine the detached floor allows for the tent to be put on the grass and the animals can sit on the grass. My concern is that the cat can get their nose under the side and lift up if they desired to get out. The tent has 4 tent pegs to hold it down. IF the pegs are really tightly done possibly the cat can039t escape under the side but I won039t risk it.Apart from the floor being detached this is a great buy. The quality is good and it does what I wanted which is it allows the cats to be outside and feel the air and sunlight yet have some shelter and they are contained and happy. I am quite happy with the price for the quality. I have 4 adult cats One of them hated it and tried to tear the netting. But it held fine and I removed her. I bought it for my two male cats that wonder. But my other female loved it and wouldn039t get out of it. One of my males was quite curious and relaxed the other male cried to get out but he soon settled down. Two hours later I just checked on them and the 3 in there all love it. They have their beds in there. The male who had cried initially was sprawled in the sun sleeping and didn039t want to come out at all. I am really happy about this. He finds is cozy and comfortable.I wouldn039t leave them in it outside and then leave the house. If something spooks them it would be traumatic they would feel trapped and vulnerable. A dog could easily get them through the net. The tent is quite light and flexible which is great for handling.


Love the doggie bed lovely and soft and the postage was amazingly fast even to a rural area


Absolutely brilliant kitties loved it instantly even my biggest baby who doesn039t think much of the great outdoors he didn039t want to come in. Easy to set up just as easy to pack up and the carry bag is a bonus. Thank-you

My cats absolutely love this

Purchased this item as I have two Bengal cats who have far too much energy. It arrived within 5 days and I love that I was able to track it on the net.Instructions were slightly difficult to understand but with the help of my partner we managed to put it together in just under an hour. It looks incredible Seems to be pretty good quality too The only thing I can fault is that it has a slight stink to it I039m hoping that this will go away once it039s aired out a bit- it was only really noticeable when we were assembling it.The cats LOVE it Was worth every cent especially as you wouldn039t be able to purchase this in stores for less than 300.Would highly recommend this website Thanks guys

Pet Toilet

Hi I would recommened this pet tolet to all peoplethat have a dog living inside the house.So eazy to train your dog on this pet tolet.great product.


Very happy with this. Easy to set up and stays up. Looks good amp is of a generous size. Great idea for many pet uses.My cat breeder told me he039d like to use one for his kittens. I use mine for my indoor adult chihuahua dog for his bedtime eating amp for better control of him like when he doesn039t want to go to toilet after eating amp used to run off to hide under my bed Sometimes he annoys my indoor cats as he likes to boss them or play with them occasionally amp when cats sound annoyed I place him for a short period in this tent with satisfaction of knowing he has plenty of space amp air movement amp a water bowl. If I go out amp no one is home I am happy to place the little dog here where there039s plenty of space for him to use a toilet though not really required for us food water bed amp walking around. Removable mesh cover is handy so is mesh door that is able to be zip closed or rolled up amp secured with velcro.


The playpen exceeded my expectations. It is sturdy easy to set up and just as easy to put back in the bag The rubber flooring is non slip and can be removed to sit over grass. Very quick delivery. Great company to do business with.

Not happy

This product used in the step and ramp form is not really suitable for larger dogs. My dog weighs 28 kilos and the steps would flip up if he stepped on the top edge causing him to stumble. When I tried to use it in the ramp style the material on the steps was slippery not safe at all. Also the material is stapled on and and cannot be removed for washing.It might work fine for smaller dogs but not safe for larger ones.

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