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About Pet Travel

If you wouldn't leave your small kids at home alone, why would you leave your beloved cat? Put your cat into a cat carrier and share the scenery along the traveling route. Crazy Sales has offered a wide range of stylish and convenient pet supplies about pet travel at a great price.

A pet carrier must fit your pet’s size at first. So we have extra large sized cat carrier and medium sized ones. Waterproof soft crates protect your dog or cat from getting wet while hanging out. If you like drive away with your pet, there’re also car seat carriers designed to make your pet stay assured in car. Plus, many pet travel accessories are on sale with the pet carriers as well, such as dog car seat covers, pet car seat belts etc.

Many people may think buying a pet carrier is as easy as getting a portable dog crate. In fact, choosing a suitable cat carrier or dog carrier needs more considerations than you expect.

A right-sized carrier can be comfortable and flexible for a cat or dog to turn around, stand and lie down without stretching legs. Do not buy an over-sized pet carrier, because it’s heavy to take, and its extra and dark space may cause small pets’ fear.

Adequate ventilation is very important especially when you carry your dog or pet to a longer trip. Wire windows, slots or screens are common designs of ventilation holes on cat carriers and dog travel crates. Air running freely through the holes can make pets inside stay comfortable and healthy.

Make sure to buy a durable and stable cat carrier for the concern of your furry friend’s safety. Sometimes cats may scratch the surface of a carrier, and dogs will bite it instead, which requires the durability. On the other hand, a sturdy pet carrier can prevent pets from escaping or wandering around in public places.

A right-sized, sturdy and durable cat carrier with adequate ventilation is what all pet owners need to get. CrazySales offers a wide selection of such cat carriers online, bringing comfort and intimate bonding to you and your pets.