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About Photo Frames

Photo frames are built for decoration and protection. People all around the world like to frame their photographs or paintings to better preserve them or let others see them. Traditional printed photo frames are a great way to have your photos constantly on display as well as add an attractive and personal decorative piece to the walls of your home or office. The wood or metal framed photos also help enhance and improve your living or working space.

Digital photo frames are a new way to save and display photos and videos from your smartphone or computer without taking the extra step of printing pictures to view. Your pictures can be sent to these smart frames through a designated app, a USB flash drive, or a memory card. This is attributed to the birth of the camera phone, which made it easier than ever to keep a camera with you and take pictures at all times. Also, since digital picture frames can store hundreds of pictures and videos, you can view more of your pictures instead of making more prints and changing out photos.

Electronic photo frames are a great place where you can quickly upload the latest photos for viewing after taking a large number of photos. Once these photos are sent to the frame, they can be displayed one by one, shuffled throughout the day, or played in a specific order. They are must-haves for people who tend not to upgrade their printed photos and artwork as often.

Our hot-selling smart photo frames allow you to display precious moments like a wedding, a child’s first steps, or favourite holiday destinations, and show them off in your home. Unlike printing photos, these digital picture frames showcase your pictures in great detail with unparalleled image quality. The supersized 10-inch screen makes it a great frame for a photographer for whom size matters.

The biggest advantage of the family photo frame is the ability for your frame to change constantly and cycle through images, as well as being able to effortlessly add new ones to the frame. It also offers WiFi connectivity, allowing users to add images or videos to playlists via their phone, tablet, or laptop.

Buy a wooden digital photo frame to keep on your desk at work or on a table at home to complement the photos that are hung for display on the wall. The digital picture frame is the perfect gift that takes care of your mum’s FOMO as it helps keep her up to speed with up-to-the-minute video from the whole family.


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