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About Piano

Electric pianos, are alternative musical instrument for the traditional pianos, sharing similar acoustic functions. At CrazySales we support all the piano players out there and say "Good on you!" by providing a selection of digital pianos at great prices.

Compared to the bulky and expensive pianos, buying an electric piano is an ideal choice for most people. The most evident benefit of getting a digital piano is that you can buy a reliable piano producing high quality sounds with lower budget. 128 tambers and up to 100 accompanying styles are available for our electric pianos, a great help for your musical ideas and creation.

Easy maintenance is another shining point for choosing a digital piano. The traditional pianos require tuning twice a year costing around 40-60 AUD per time. While the digital pianos don’t require tuning so often, but their sounds remain as great as they were just bought. Especially for piano beginners, getting across the threshold doesn’t need a complicated instrument to handle. If you don’t have enough knowledge or a professional teacher as assistance, just get an electric piano to practice.

The variety of instrument sounds can also beat the tradition pianos, which can only produce piano sounds. Besides piano sounds, digital pianos can produce sounds of strings, guitars and organs. Whether you want to accompany a solo, or serve as a pianist in a band, our electric pianos can help to develop your music talent anytime.

Portability is a great convenience for pianists who have performance anywhere. Smaller size and lightweight design allow you to move the piano everywhere, instead of getting used to a strange instrument before performance. Some roll-up keyboards can even be easily stored away when you don’t need to play them.

CrazySales is a perfect platform for piano players and enthusiasts to shop for electric pianos and piano accessories online. Anyone who want to learn more about digital piano brands and knowledge, come to our large showroom of electric pianos, keyboard pianos and piano accessories.