As is known that yoga and pilates are physical fitness movements which need to be practiced with the utmost mental concentration and balance. To ensure a solid foundation on which to practice highly challenging pilates or yoga poses, our yoga mats come in different styles, thickness and materials to meet various needs of consumers. 

One highly recommended yoga mat Australia with oxford fabric cover is 2-inch-thick and tri-fold for easy storage or transport. This lightweight, yet thick yoga mat has a good elastic resilience and anti-slip functions, which can protect you when doing exercise. It also features a set of handles for taking along and high-density stitch to prevent tearing. With good anti-compression and anchorage force, the humanized mat is perfect for yoga, pilates, aerobics and general exercise routines. 

The other welcomed ultra-thick pilates mat is made of high-density NBR foam with double sided non-slip surfaces to prevent injuries. This exercise equipment can cushion your spine, hips, knees and elbows comfortably, even on hard floors. And its roll-up and portable design allows for transportability and saving space, you can take it to anywhere you like or store it away. The distinct application of this exercise mat is ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities, such as pilates exercises, abdominal workouts, camping and picnic. 

Besides, there are other fitness accessories at Crazysales. The yoga grid foam roller fits EVA material with hexagon textured surface and super strong hard PVC pipe. Constructed with a strong core, this pilates equipment will not collapse or distort even after repetitive use. You can sit or lie on the foam and roll your muscles or body, perfect for self-myofascial release and massage therapy. 

So as to keep fit and shape your body, shop now for the best yoga mat Australia or other gym equipment at sale online. If you have any questions about our products, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Pilates & Yoga Reviews

5 out of 5 from 756 reviews
better than the sales pitch

this is a PILATES TOTAL GYM sold under a number of generic names. it is featured on you tube so you can take a good look before you buy. the total height is up to 90cm or 3feet when extended when exercising. I strongly recommend you start with it flat and build up. Assuming the possibilities were all achieved with slow progression you would totally remodel yourself without risk of injury. try too hard and you could do serious damage but that applies with all exercise.

Very good for the price

I have done years of pilates on reformer beds with physios and decided I needed one at home but couldn039t afford 2000 This machine is good. I haven039t had it long and some of the inital stiffness is improving as I use it and get used to how it moves. It is not as good as the physio ones but for 200 it is an excellent home alternative. If it only lasts a year I039ve still had my moneys worth.

Pretty good value for money

Like the previous reviewer I also found the unit to be clunky and not sit squarely and it will jam if it slips to one side. I too have learned how to compensate for this flaw. It really should come with a proper user manual as it could be quite dangerous if incorrectly used.Positives It generally is pretty good value for money - many exercises can be done on the one piece of equipment once you039ve done some research online It039s easy to adjust the weight cords and the incline.I wouldn039t recommend it for bigger people I039m 165cm and fit ok but taller people would struggle. The padding on the deck is quite thin and gets uncomfortable after a fairly short time.Hopefully it will last reasonably well.

Not bad for the price however...

The pilates gym arrived with all parts and works OK however I though that a very simple 15 exercise progam printed on paper could have been provided with the product. This program would at least allow the new purchaser to get started as I personally do not know how to start using it and instructions on the web seem not to be freely available.

no instructions

Great to get my gym but where to start no instructions on how to exersise any ideas

Good price compare to the gym unit

Pricing is affordable but a clunky unit don039t expect the same smoothness of expansive pilates reformer. It is a case of what you pay is what you get.The unit stopper fell off when I got the unit as if it glued not screw in but can be fixed using chair stopper. I think we got a bad batch. The frame is not totally square depending on which tension you use it causes the unit to rub on the side flap and make rubbing noise. Once I understand the 039fault039 of the unit I learn how to compensate to prevent loud noise.The up side is they are happy to replace the unit once they look at it. I did not take this option because of the inconvenience of pick and drop off. I have no complaint about the customer service. Delivery service is slower than my osea order.Note You need to pack it in original box for return so make sure you keep the box until you are happy with the unit just in case you need to return.Not sure where do you get replacement part if in the future you need the tension replaced. I believe they can be worn over time. Hopefully by then you are ready for a better unit.

Great Value

This chair is very comfortable and is great for your posture. It makes you sit up straight while supporting your back. I had been looking to buy on of these for some time and I got it for a great price and in my favourite colour orange. I039m very happy I waited until now to purchase mine.

Good Purchase

Ordered this for work use. I suffer from pinched nerves in my hip using regular office chairs and the way I sit in them. This chair forces me to sit correctly and I have had no pain since using it. Bonus is my ABS get a workout all day

all good

received the exercise band promptly and have used with success over the past week. good product and good service.

don039t delay order today

I have been waiting a long time to purchase 2 different ergonomic office chairs so when my 2 039fave039 choices were advertised on sale I couldn039t fill out the online order form quick enough CrazySales promptly delivered 2 quality chairs that were so easy to put together. With the exercise ball chair that comes with its own inflator my new chair was together in 10 minutes - no tools required It039s design makes you sit with correct posture and with the front locking wheels allows you to use the chair without removing the ball for back arches. Of course the ball is easily removed for other exercises too..there039s also a range of great colours to choose from....

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