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About Pocket Hose

Our pocket hose provided here is the one and only expandable hose. In addition, this unique hose expands in diameter to provide a high flow, powerful spray when needed. When the water is turned off, the hose returns to its contracted form. With this expanding compact garden water hose, there is no need to lug around heavy garden hoses. No more untangling garden hoses and finding adequate storage. No more locating kinks that stop the water flow as with standard garden hoses. This expandable hose is easy to store and fits in compact storage locations, such as a small container or box.

When you own this expandable pocket hose, you'll never consider those heavy old rubber hoses again. This new technology gives a strong water flow with an incredibly lightweight design. If you ever wanted a compact, lightweight hose to get a quick car wash done, this is the one to buy. Also great for daily watering tasks for any lawn or gardening needs.
The reason our hose is the most popular choice for compact hoses is that we provide the best price and quality. If you join now, you can get a great discount and upgrade your garden tool as well.