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About Pool Cleaners

A powerful pool cleaner should add to your lifestyle by getting you a spotless swimming pool, instead of making pool cleaning a tedious job. Our extensive range of auto pool cleaners are exactly such kind of Pool Supplies for your effortless pool maintenance.

The automatic pool cleaners at CrazySales belong to suction pool cleaners, with a hose connecting with your pool pump. These pool vacuum cleaners can help to suck and remove all dirt, bugs, twigs, leaves, sands and other debris. They don’t require any electricity because your pool pump can operate the sucking. Eco-friendly, powerful, and effortless, that’s the combination of our pool cleaners’ benefits. Whether you have an in-ground pool or above-ground pool, our auto pool cleaners can finish perfect mopping for the pool floor and pool walls.

Simple installation and operation are shining benefits of our pool vacuum cleaner range. All the installation only requires easy connection with the pipes, cleaning mat and other spare parts. With a detailed instruction guide, you can finish the whole assembling in less than 15 minutes. As for the operation, there’s a directional wheel equipped for vacuuming in different directions, which offers more flexibility to the cleaners.

No one wants to swim in a dirty pool, but no one wants to make pool cleaning a tedious job either. That’s why we need suction pool cleaners to get a completely clean pool with less effort. Selecting a suitable pool vacuum cleaner can keep your swimming pool always spotless. Enjoy your time spent on a clean, debris-free pool by getting a pool cleaner on CrazySales!