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About Pool Covers


Talking about pool maintenance, being covered with a pool cover can offer the best protection to your pool. With a pool cover at an affordable price, you can swim as many times as you want without the concerns of troublesome cleaning jobs. If you choose a solar pool cover, you can enjoy the additional benefits of heating your pool.

At CrazySales, our swimming pool covers are diverse in size and designs. They share the same material, a high density polyethylene and vary in different dimensions. When you visit our website and browse this page about pool covers and pool blankets, it’s really not a question of “Do I need a pool cover?”, but rather, “which pool cover best suits me?”

If you want to enjoy the additional benefit of heating the pool, you get to the right place filled with wide range of solar pool covers.

What Benefits Can a Solar Pool Cover Bring to You?

Save Water.

We are usually confused about the large amount of water consumption after owning a pool, especially in summer. That’s caused by water evaporation. If you use a pool cover when the swimming pool is not in use, water evaporation can be reduced 98%.

Save Chemicals.

Once you install a pool blanket, you’ve set a barrier to stop the bacteria and pollutant getting into your pool. Your automated chlorinator is recommended to be turned down by 50%. Daily cleaning only requires a Pool Cleaner after emptying the pool.

Increase Your Swimming Time.

Solar pool covers feature their heating function so that the water temperature can increase up to 8°C. Higher temperature can make people swim for a longer while in comfort. But you won’t feel hot because of the heating.

Environmentally Friendly Benefits

Saving water, chemicals and solar heating are all the environmentally friendly benefits of our solar pool covers. The material of the solar pool blankets, polyethylene is recyclable as well.

Easy Installation and Storing Away

The pool covers are easy to be cut according to your pool’s size and shape. Simply covering the blanket on the pool is all you need to do. This is a single “you”, because it’s so easy that only one person can finish the installation. When you don’t need the pool cover, roll it with a Pool Cover Roller. That’s it. The rolling can secure your pool cover well from dust and any accidental breaking.

Don’t suspect the functions of solar pool covers, since they’re one of the most economical and environmentally friendly Pool Supplies. Pick one up at CrazySales to maintain your pool anytime!