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About Pool Supplies

What could be better than having access to your own private swimming pool during the height of the summer heat? The Crazy Sales range of above ground pools caters for everyone. If you have a big backyard, a small backyard, a deck, small children, a house full of adults, or live alone we have the right pool to keep you cool. Whether you want to make whirlpools in a circular pool or have races with the kids in a rectangular pool, Crazy Sales can make it happen!

To make sure your pool is always clean when you want to use it we have powerful automatic wall climbing pool cleaners and pool filters, that'll cut down your list of chores! An above ground pool cover and roller reel will keep the leaves out and keep the heat in, reducing your heating bill meanwhile reducing evaporation by up to 95%.

A healthy active lifestyle includes the outdoors. Crazy Sales wants you to enjoy pool time as much as possible whilst staying safe. If it gets too hot out in the sun, why not pick up one of our Splash-in-Shade sets, great for families with young children. Want to mix it up and spend some time luxuriating in a sauna? No need to go to an expensive day spa or beauty parlour, Crazy Sales has easy to use styles to suit you for your own outdoor spa. We have all the outdoor equipment you need for a cool summer, you'll wish it to last forever!