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Splashing water in an inflatable pool must be taken account in one of the greatest summer fun, whether you just stay quiet alone in water for coolness, gather kids together with some inflatable pool toys, or have a zip with friends in cool water, the inflatable swimming pools at CrazySales must be your perfect option. We stock swimming pools in diverse sizes and designs, including small Kids Pools and large inflatable Bestways pools for your choice.

The benefits of owning an Inflatable Pool are evident, including its light weight, space saving and low cost. Both smaller pools for floating on water and large ones are easily stored away. You don’t have to break the bank in yard for a permanent swimming pool, avoiding the budget of refurnishing the yard and building a pool.

Then here comes the question: how do you choose the right pool?

First, consider how much space available at home for your above floor swimming pool. Usually a large inflatable swimming pool will be placed at the back yard or garden, sometimes taking up most of the space of your yard or garden. If you need some space left for other use like plant decor or kid’s playground, the swimming pool must sacrifice some space. But large pools require more maintenance to keep the pool at its best. You need to think about how much maintenance you can do.

If you already have a permanent swimming pool, or you just want to get a portable inflatable pool for beach holiday, check out our range of floating inflatable pools in various size. For kids you can even buy a pool with a slide, bringing a water party to them. Sometimes a smaller swimming pool is safer for kids to learn swimming than a permanent one.

Easy assembling must be listed into your consideration of buying an inflatable pool. For most floating pools and Above Ground Pools at CrazySales, their assembling only requires air inflation. While some super large swimming pools with metal frames need more procedures to install the frames. In a word, there’s no pool that’s difficult to assemble and store away when the season comes to an end. Check out our inflatable pool reviews and then you’ll know.