Portable air conditioner is an easy-to-move, versatile climate-control solution compared to traditional wall mounted or fixed air conditioners. No need to worry about complex instalment, the best portable air conditioner can follow your steps everywhere. It is an ideal climate-control solution for when you’re on the go. At CrazySales, we stock a great selection of best portable air conditioners with top brands like Heller and Maxkon, to alleviate your concerns about product quality and durability. They are cooler than ceiling fans, lighter than fixed air conditioners, worth you to try.

Portable aircon can work from room to room, house to house or home to work. With their sleek modern look, they can blend into any room décor. In addition to the cool mode and fan mode, air conditioners for sale here have the function of removing excess humidity as well as heating. You can even enjoy it during humid or cold weather. Without installation problems, you can move and place your portable air conditioner in the bedroom during sleeping hours and in the living room in the daytime. All you need to do is moving, finding a socket, and plugging it in. Our Maxkon small portable air conditioners process cooling ability as strong as the split system air conditioners: after you turn it on, the area will be cool at once.

Getting a cheap portable air conditioner is always a wise decision to make, especially when you have to tolerate the brutal heat from summer months. If you’re not allowed to install permanent air conditioning at your apartment or sit at the corner of your office where cool air can’t reach, a handy portable air conditioner can help you out and bring coolness and comfort wherever you are. Not only portable air conditioning has no installation procedures, but also can they be equipped with a full-function wireless remote control for convenient operation. You don’t have to approach the machine to turn on or off. For example, the Heller portable conditioner is an economical device with remote control.

Portable air conditioners at CrazySales perform an efficient and quiet cooling effect with a low electricity consumption. Create a cool and comfortable area anywhere you want. No matter you want to cool your home, office, workshop or studio, you can do it easily with a portable air conditioner -- even during the hottest months of the year. Prepare for summer, create a comfortable space virtually anywhere now.

Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

5 out of 5 from 295 reviews
Great product for a great price

When considering the price of this unit in comparison to the many others on the market the failures of the product can easily be overlooked. The product does what it is supposed to and does it well. It may not be the nicest to look at or the quietest out there - but it is definitely the cheapest ProsExcellent cooling ability for a medium room Window kit included for venting out hot air really only suits sliding type windowsAverage power use not excessive 1400w from memoryNoise level is typical for a portable unit don039t expect it to sound like a split system it is comparable to a window mounted ac unit.ConsPoor quality plastic housing dull finish looks like it will fade and crack over time not a huge issue but cosmetically other units on the market are much nicer to look at. Definitely one to keep away from direct sunlight. Water drain is at the base of the unit which could be a little difficult to manage. The auto louver system seems to have bit of a mind of it039s own in regard to getting it to stay put in one spot but a bit of remote control butting mashing seems to get it stopped in one position there are multiple buttons to control auto louver which is weird considering how simple it could be ie onoff.In summary if you need to cool a room cheaply - you wont do better than this if you want to spend around 100 more in terms of price you039ll probably get a product around 25 better

Effective cooling and dehumidifying

We have the unit in our lounge which is about 25 m2 and has 5 doorways to other rooms and areas of the house.The unit emits a good stream of cool air which can be directed straight ahead or sideways and horizontal or angled upwards. The result is a good coolingdehumidifying effect for the whole room and especially for people next to the air flow. So I039m very pleased with the cooling performance even for our largish room although admittedly our house never gets really hot because the house also has ducted evaporative air conditioning.Surprisingly this unit makes a big difference to humidity even when our ducted evaporative air conditioner is running. In humid weather the ducted AC has limited cooling effect and increases the humidity in the house.The 1200 watts power consumption is in my opinion very reasonable for the unit039s performance. At the WA tariff of nearly 22centsunit of electricity that would be a running cost of 26centshour when the unit is running at full power.Some tips- The window fitting and hose are poorly made they come apart easily and leak hot air into the room. Easily fixed with some wide masking tape or duct tape. Voila It039s now stable and airtight.- The hose is not long about 1.5m but is flexible enough to have a couple of 90 degree corners to line up with the window.- On a humid hot day be prepared to drain the water tank every 1 to 3 hours 2.5 litres drains out. When the tank is full the unit stops working until you drain it.- The drain hole is at the back right at the bottom directly under the winow hose - not so easy to get at. For draining purposes you039ll need the unit raised by about the height of say a 4-litre ice cream container. We used the polystyrene foam from the package plus a board to stand the unit on.- According to the manual continuous draining is forbidden and will lead to permanent damage. Therefore you have to replace the drainage plug every time.- The noise level is bearable but loud enough to make conversation in the room slightly more difficult.- The louvre control on the remote can be figured out. Press the Swing button to toggle automatic swing on and off. When auto swing is off you can press the Manual button to change the louvre position. It responds slowly so just be patient until you get the hang of it and then it will be easy- The window fitting is suitable for sliding windows and requires an opening 10cm wide by 67 to 126cm long. Our window is taller than that so I filled the remaining gap with a piece of a cardboard box.- The window will let some air through so on a windy day when not using the AC you may want to remove the fitting and close the window.In summary this is not the highest quality unit available but I think it039s outstanding value for money and it works very well. Spend a modest amount of time setting it up and it will serve you well.

Very Happy Customer

Very pleased with product.Gets really cool 16C which is great for Adelaide039s dry hot summers.The look of the unit is ok. Much bigger than i thought and a little bit noisy but for the price iam very happy.

great value excellent piece of machine love it

wow what a great productgreat value for moneyfast deliveryluv it

All rounder

Heater cooler fan and humidifier...what more could you possible need Its not completely portable though as it has a hose that needs to be fed through a window.

Great Product at a Great Price

For a small price tag you get a great product. Most portable air cons are heavy. I wanted one for my caravan and instead of paying 1000039s for an in built model one that would take up little room and would cool down my 13 footer. Does the job very well as it is efficient. It takes up little room and is light and portable. It stays in the van and fits nicely into the wardrobe space when not in use. Gets my vote of approval.

Great portable aircon

We bought 2 of these aircon039s and we039ve used them for 2 weeks straight now. They are great for the bedrooms. Haven039t needed to empty water yet either bonus. Only issue is that there039s no swing function - the air direction is able to be moved manually only. They are small and lightweight and for a portable aircon they do a wonderful job.

Noisy but Nice

Purchased this unit to run in our bedroom and I must say it certainly keeps us very cool if you can stand the noiseAfter a few days use you tend to get used to the loudness of the machine. It is very easy to set up and use and the timer is very user friendly and we always use this feature when running the machine.

Great Buy

I received my unit 3 days ago and put it straight to work.Easy to set up and operate. It cooled my small unit very well.As I rent my unit the bonus is that I do not need landlord permission to install it and I can take it with me if I change addresses.

Nice and cool for summer

Very happy with this ac was easy to put together. Keeps my bedroom nice and cool no more sleepless nights. The unit is quite noisy but not that you cant sleep with the noise.Love that its portable as I am in a rented house so I can take it with me when I goQuick shipping

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