Power tools are necessary equipment across all spheres, whether you need to finish home repairing or DIY tasks, work in an art craft workshop, or serve as a professional repair man. Get a handy tool from our extensive range of cheap tools which include air compressors, drill bills, hammer drills and so on, then you are able to get every job done professionally and precisely. You’ll find famous brands from our power tools like Bosch and Baumr-AG.

Different Types of Power Tools
Power tools come in various types in the aspect of function and designs. At CrazySales there’re the following options.

Air compressors are necessities for car owners in most families. Especially designed for heavy project use, our powerful air compressors can surprise you when they fix things, inflate vehicle tires and finish other tough issues. You even don’t need to worry about the durability because they’re equipped with a bleed valve to protect themselves.

Hammer drills is a must-have tool for domestic use and certainly industrial use. During the revamping job of your house, you’ll encounter rocks and hard surface here and there. That’s where hammer drills should work. Our powerful but cheap tool, Jack Hammers can easily remove rocky or cement obstacles out of the way to get rid of many accidental hurts. Whether you think of refurnishing a house, or you own a farm, buying a hammer drill is one of the most necessary thing to ease your job. Besides they have been equipped with Safety Gear to ensure your safety while using them.

A set of Drill Bits isn’t expensive at all, but it will help you deal with various difficult tasks and jobs around the home or professional use. We’ve provided a tool kit set with 160 drill bits inside, which are all categorized well according to drilling functions and material. The drill bits range in size from 1.0mm to 10.0mm, coated in titanium, chromium, black oxide and so on. Whether you use it indoor or outdoors, the tool kit is always your handy companion.  

In a word, when it comes to power tools, CrazySales can be your considerate helper on finding the most fitting cheap tools for you. Buy one of our power tools and gain more power on your DIY projects and home revamping job!

Power Tools Reviews

5 out of 5 from 1202 reviews

I have had this mower for a couple of months and I am using it around farm sheds. Fairly rough ground initially weeds up to 600mm high. The Chonda motor always starts easily. The manual says not to use it on grass which is wet or higher than 150mm but I had no choice. On its highest setting and full power it managed OK by taking 12 width cuts. And occasional restarts when it stalled in really thick stuff. Next time 3 weeks later when the grass was only about 150 high it breezed through. The self propelled wheels coped with steepish slopes and reasonably thick grass and only occasionally did it need a bit of pushing help from me.The controls are well laid out and easy to understand and use. You have to fill the engine oil not supplied before starting. The build quality is fine. Plastic wheel caps come off if knocked but they seem cosmetic only.Time will tell if it lasts but my impression is that it is as good as any locally made mowers I have used in the past and I love the self propelled feature.

Powerful Performer

This is a powerful lawn mower. It is best suited to large expanses of lawn. The self propelled function works a treat and will help you get the job done fast. This pull start machine starts easily and reliably no priming required the picture used in the advertisement shows a primer.Now for some of the cautionary assessments1. The machine arrives in a very basic packaging and while the box did not look stressed the accelerator cable sheath was stripped from its retainer. I shouldwould have sent it back except that I figured it was just too much trouble and being handy I decided to crimp it back on. Hopefully I will not regret not just sending it back from the start2. While this powerful machine is well suited to large simple expanses of lawn. If you require fiddly work eg. around trees or short runs like 5m X 5m tight turns. Then this is not your machine. It is heavy when not self propelled. When self propelled the slowest speed already has you on a brisk walking pace too fast.3. The bull bar in the front is pressed against the front of of the deckunlike the advertised picture but the trouble start on the underside. On the lower 2 hieght settings it would scrap running across concrete. I may do some extensive work to rebend this bar and correct the design flaw and regain access to the lower settings. Not sure if this was an indication of shipping damage as it was evenly buckled down on the underside. Note also one of the two screws here was not properly done up.4. While on the underside the enamaling paints used is thick and great except application has it missing bits on the odd or difficult spot to get to. Time will tell if rust will get a hold on the steel decking due to this.5. If the handle bars being long were of a thicker gauge the machine would feel more robust and secure in turns.Now I039ve had the lawnmower for one week and my overall impression is positive. Remembering that this machine is better suited to large lawned areas.


unless you are a boilermaker welder putting it togetheramp ampusing the correct settings is all trialamperror as the instruction manual is not worth the paper it is written oni cannot comment on how good the machine works as i am still trying to find a working manual or somewon who knows how to work it..dissapointedthanking you peter atkinsps never give up

Not too bad

Righto.This is an inexpensive belt and disc sander so it039s not going to have the same quality and built as a more expensive belt and disc sander. That is to be expected. The question is is it good enough for what you039re spending on itAcknowledging that this contraption isn039t too bad all told. It does as it039s supposed to do and does a pretty good job of it.I bought this item for my hobbyist woodworking activities--mostly neatening up my awkward-looking hand-tool joinery and cleaning up a few edges here and there. For my purposes this thing does the job well enough for me to be happy with it and I039d recommend it to other hobbyists or home workshops that require occasional machine sanding.The following are the 039issues039 side of things. I suppose the major one would be that in order to change or replace belts you need to take off the entire guard fence and dust extractor covers to get at it. If you need to change grits frequently I don039t so I don039t care this will probably annoy you after you039ve swapped grits the fiftieth time in a day.Secondly the belt is a bit of a rare size and you might have to hunt around a little bit to find spares there039s plenty online that I039ve found no worries but your local hardware might have a bit of trouble.Thirdly the dust extractor points hey at least they have them right Some don039t and they fill your shop up with dust and madness are two different sizes which is a bit awkward. I suppose I might have to get a bit creative with some silicon and gaff or something.I had to knock a few of the mounting tongues true with a hammer no big deal.The angle-indicator pointer thingy on the stock shelf is hilarious. A bit of snipped sheet metal screwed on crookedly. It039s one of those 039why bother039 situations. You039ll have to calibrate that yourself or check your angles with a square. Get a Niko pen onto the job and just mark the gauge that039ll fix it no worries.The shelf sled with the angler on it feels a bit flimsy but it works so that039s no worries.That039s about it though it039s really not that bad. I think it039s pretty decent in fact. As I said above if you039re looking for something to tidy up your edges or joinery and you don039t need to change grits every five minutes then this contraption ought to meet your needs. It039s got a bit of weight to it so even with the rubber feet included it039s quite sturdy for bench-top use. You can also mount it with your own hardware--it039s pre-drilled if you so desire.Overall I039m happy with it and I am glad that I got this one instead of lashing out on a more expensive one because this one works exactly as I need it to. Hope this review helps you mob. Cheers.

good design

36V Cordless Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Lawn Mower.This is a very well designed cordless mower. Light weight and best suited suburban lawns. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and function of the mower. Having looked at various other brands I would recommend this mower to be on your shopping list. I wouldn039t recommend it for mowing the back paddock but for the average home it would be fine.


After unpacking this discsander I was disappointed with the sub standard finish of the castings particularly around the housing of the disc. It seems they don039t have much of a quality control system in place at even a basic level. I almost packed it up and was going to send it back but I decided to try it out and shape some wood I had lying around and I must admit surprised. The motor is quite powerful at 500 watts and it easily sanded the wood I presented to it a various pressure levels. It did not stall at all. It also is not that noisy. The tolerances on the slider bar leave a lot to be desired but quite usable and overall not too bad. It is a shame that they could not get the castings right or at least reject the ones that donrsquot come out of the mold square and proper. I may be a bit picky but 90 degree angles on the base corners should be 90 degrees not 80 degrees etc. Overall I guess at the price I paid compared to the competition it has a more powerful motor and does the job easily and was significantly cheaper. I just throw a rag over it in my workshop so I donrsquot have to look at it when I am not using it..

Excellent shredder even takes Foxtail palmfronds

Got this shredder for the bargain price of 459 CrazySale indeed. Shipping on these puppies is a fair bit but then again the box is friggin 80kg039s so its not expensive you get value for your monies there too. About the shredder itself its easy enough to put together if you got some flat space and a block to rest it on. comes with a cute little set of Chinese-lady-gloves and safety gear. Use of the earmuffs are a must as the engine and cutter-blade gets noisy when you run it at capacity. I was a little surprised when i noticed the quotcutting bladesquot in the shredder mechanism are just plain flat 2mm metal squares but boy do they make a meal out of anything you put into this thing Works like a charm. There IS a cutting blade for the quotdirectquot feeder-tube which is where you would put anything like palm fronds branches and twigs. I learnt this the hard way don039t put a palm frond in the top feeder 30 minutes of learning how to unscrew the box cleam out the mess and star again... I also put a massive fresh cut green palm frond in the side feeder not sure of the species but these buggers are near 8 meters long the motor was coping fine and i was at this point massively surprised at how well it handled then the last meter got sucked in through the tube in one gulp and the whole thing went clonk again. 20 minutes of cleaning later and it was back up and happy again. All up for the money i paid for this unit i am incredibly happy with it. Comparable units costs about 2000 to 3000 in the local shops or direct from manufacturers and for someone with 60 palm trees in their backyard this one is a bargain. No electric shredder would come close to touching this unit.It produces very fine shredded mulch perfect for garden beds or compost filler. 5 stars well earned. If i didn039t get it at the crazy sale price it might have gotten 4 but i am a hard customer to please

Exceptional for the price

This is a surprisingly good product for the price it start after about 3 pulls has plenty of power.It is probably a bit heavy for a woman to use for a length of time.

Shogun 500W Belt amp Disc Sander Power Tool Grinder

Pro039s Has enough power for my usesHeavy enough to sit on workbench without sliding aboutPrice was very competitiveHas dust extraction outletRuns fairly quietlyCon039sAssembly was a bit poor and bolts holding belt guardto body dislodged requiring dismantling and reinstalling bolts.

very convenient

Has a decent quantity of small bits all in one case.Includes useful quantities of the 1mm 1.5mm and 2mm HSS bits If you don039t break these you039re not trying hard enough.Has useful durable separate compartments made of a hard-material that sharp bits can039t penetrate.good big roomy case with enough room for those odd bits left laying around the workbench e.g. a spade bit set up to 1quot size fits in with the existing bits.It039s just a darn well-made case that accommodates one039s small bits.

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