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About Pressure Washer


Pressure washers are super powerful Garden Supplies to save us from the long list of painful scrubbing jobs. Whether you want to find an easy way to keep the surface of your home and garden, or you’re bothered by the large cleaning area of your factory, pressure cleaners are helpful on removing dirt and rime. Besides floor surface, you can keep windows, outdoor furniture, cars and boats always clean with a high pressure washer.

At CrazySales, our wide range of pressure cleaners mostly feature powerful cleaning ability and light weight design. You won’t be bothered by carrying a bulky machine to clean your house, since the compact design allows you to transport it from one place to another. These inexpensive portable high pressure washers mainly use electricity as power. Since their power belongs to smaller level, they’re ideal cleaning equipment for small cleaning surface and vehicles, dirty bikes, gutters and engines. You need to consider your daily cleaning requirement before buying the portable pressure washers.

Besides the light-weight pressure cleaners, we also have some gasoline pressure washers to support the cleaning jobs at a large scale. Compared to the electric machines, these pressure washers adopt petrol as source to operate the cleaning task, hence they have much more powerful cleaning ability to cover more surface and finish deeper cleaning. These gasoline high pressure cleaners are able to help cleaning large garden, swimming pools, factories, and supermarkets. Or you can use it as a Garden Sprayer. Of course they are bulkier than the electric ones, but the ergonomic handle on the top makes it as portable as the light-weight electric pressure washers.

While using a high pressure washer to do cleaning jobs, some safe measures must be taken to avoid unnecessary injuries. For example, eye protection is essential because the water column with high pressure has super strong power to hurt people. Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes before turning on the machine. Besides, if you use gasoline pressure washers, you should use it outside or in an area with open windows and doors to keep from breathing the engine’s fume.

It doesn't matter if you're just a homeowner trying to maintain the value of your property, or a professional cleaner trying to upgrade to the latest Power Tools, our high powered pressure washers will fit your needs perfectly.