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About Pretend Play

Pretend play like kids play kitchen appears to create more fun and bring many life skills to kids. Kids have little control of their own life. Instead, parents arrange everything for them. Kids play kitchen can stop kids from entering kitchens and making a mess, featuring the function of educational toys. They would have a "kitchen" of their own and become a chef to control their "cooking". Besides kids play kitchen, if you hope your kids to learn how to shop and use money, our supermarket sets for kids are complete with false goods and cash.The material of our pretend play include plastic sets and wooden toys. Having fun and gaining life skills are dual benefits of pretend play.

Before buying them, you think your kid is just a kid. But after playing with the pretend play toys, you'll surprised to find a talented genius with great skills.

Through pretend playing, your kids muse develop their language skills. Toddlers and children like mimicking or even inventing some phrases and words by themselves. When they play with toy kitchen or supermarket sets, they need to create some dialogues in the setting. That's how they learn more and more words and sentences.

Social skills are what they obtain from pretend play due to the setting characters in a game. Kids can learn many basic knowledge in life when they imitate a life scene with kids kitchen play or tool box sets.

Problem solving may be not what a small child has. But in pretend play their problem solving ability can be built up unconsciously. We should not neglect kids' talent on accident countermeasures.

Various toy kitchens, kidscraft kitchen accessories, supermarket play sets, dressing table play sets for girls are waiting for your kids to start interesting stories. Come on and pick one to start these beautiful stories!


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