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Pretend play like kids play kitchen appears to create more fun and bring many life skills to kids. Kids have little control of their own life. Instead, parents arrange everything for them. Kids play kitchen can stop kids from entering kitchens and making a mess, featuring the function of educational toys. They would have a "kitchen" of their own and become a chef to control their "cooking". Besides kids play kitchen, if you hope your kids to learn how to shop and use money, our supermarket sets for kids are complete with false goods and cash.The material of our pretend play include plastic sets and wooden toys. Having fun and gaining life skills are dual benefits of pretend play.

Before buying them, you think your kid is just a kid. But after playing with the pretend play toys, you'll surprised to find a talented genius with great skills.

Through pretend playing, your kids muse develop their language skills. Toddlers and children like mimicking or even inventing some phrases and words by themselves. When they play with toy kitchen or supermarket sets, they need to create some dialogues in the setting. That's how they learn more and more words and sentences.

Social skills are what they obtain from pretend play due to the setting characters in a game. Kids can learn many basic knowledge in life when they imitate a life scene with kids kitchen play or tool box sets.

Problem solving may be not what a small child has. But in pretend play their problem solving ability can be built up unconsciously. We should not neglect kids' talent on accident countermeasures.

Various toy kitchens, kidscraft kitchen accessories, supermarket play sets, dressing table play sets for girls are waiting for your kids to start interesting stories. Come on and pick one to start these beautiful stories!

Pretend Play Reviews

5 out of 5 from 2114 reviews
it looks fantasik

I thought this would be just a great present for my kids when I received the item we filled it up and got the adults to have a try 1st but 1 of the buttons wasn039t wasn039t going to left to the kid039s were trying there best to play but were very upset.it039s still in the box sitting on the shelf.Due to me going overseas i couldn039t return the item back to crazy sales.

Kids have had so much fun with candy grabber

Bought two of these machines as Easter gifts for grandchildren. Experimented with types of sweets that grabber will pick up - sweets need to be VERY LIGHT and be in paper with twist tails - e.g. Minties Butterscotch hard lollies in cellophane wraps etc. Claws are NOT STRONG ENOUGH to pick up anything heavy and work by picking up the paper tails not so much the lollies themselves. Kids have had really good fun and are still playing with them. One machine stopped working next day but Crazysales solved that problem to our total satisfaction. Have since ordered another machine for different family and expect those kids too will have a lot of fun trying to get a lolly or two.

LIttle Helper

Grand-daughter is all about helping at the moment... she will love this. Sturdy enough while still being light enough for young muscles. D

my granddoughter love it

i bought this as presentmy granddoughter just love it and plays all the time on it

What a gem

This supermarket set was bought for grandson who has a much loved kitchen set budding chef and wanted to go quotshoppingquot for ingredients. He is enthralled with the whole game play of shopping and then preparing a meal. Excellent purchase.

Great fun and a great learning experience

I purchased this for my nephew who is a very active busy and easily bored 3 year old and he loves it He spends hours keeping shop while I buy groceries until we swap and then he goes shopping. The checkout is well laid out the cash register with money super fun theres a good range of non-branded products including fruit and veges and theres even a fridge section The inclusion of a little shopping trolley is the icing on the cake. Great fun at a great price

Definitely recommended

This is a beautiful little clothesline - much nicer quality than those I could find at local toyshops. It039s solid and according to the product information weatherproof time will tell quite easy to assemble and best of all it actually rotates It039s about as realistic as one could expect of a toy clothesline. Excellent value for the price

Fun Gift

I gave this to a friend for a Christmas gift and he loves it The claw has easy manoeuvrability and you can put almost anything in to collect not just chocolates

Crazy sales is the best

I have ordered SO MANY products from you guys the delivery is always so so quick and the products are excellent. I got this particular product for my little 3 year old niece and she loves it. The value for money from your site is awesome and I tell everyone to go to you to buy birthday and Christmas presents you never disappoint. Well done for your superb and professional service.

great item

great money box lots of fun would recommend to anyoneservice and delivery 10 out of 10

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