Ensure you have owned all necessary punching bags and boxing bag stands for your punch in the comfort of home. Boxing is an exciting sport that can keep fit, build strength, improve coordination and relieve you from stress. You can enjoy the physical and mental benefits that boxing workouts provide, especially when you can do boxing at home anytime.

Our online boxing supplies include punching bag, punching bag stands, boxing bag rack and more. Whether you need some boxing accessories, or want to have a one-stop purchase for a whole set of boxing equipment, CrazySales can satisfy you at several fingertips.

The key to enjoy the excitement of boxing must be a high-quality punching bag. There’re two types of boxing bags at CrazySales, hanging and free-standing ones. For those who prefer striking experience, hanging boxing bags would be better, since it tends to move around. By bouncing with the punch force, boxing with a hanging punch bag is more similar to sparring in a boxing club. But the installation requires a ceiling that can support the weight. Once set up, it can’t be easily moved. For convenient installation, there’s wall-mounted boxing bag rack for sale at our website.

The free-standing boxing bags are much more flexible to install at home. And you can set it up in any room you want because of the portability. If you aim to build up your strength and don’t mind the striking experience, a free-standing kicking bag or boxing bag is an ideal choice.

Whether you love sparring, or you want to enjoy boxing all by yourself for practice, you’ll find the perfect boxing supplies available to order online. We even have many other Boxing Gears like boxing bag stands, wall-mounted boxing bag rack, free-standing kicking bag and so on. Check out our extensive collection of boxing equipment for your needs!

Punching Bags & Stands Reviews

5 out of 5 from 635 reviews
Great quality

I had seen these on ebay for a little bit cheaper you can get just the bag and fill it yourself and the other one was filled with just rags.A few friends had purchased the ebay ones and yeh they were cheap but filled with rags it just feels bad.Crazy sales stated that it was filled with sand and other things and for the price you pay for the bag it feels just right and in perfect shape.For a beginner like me this is perfect.

Fantastic Product

This product arrived after 2 day of the order extremely high quality service and shipping. The product is of great quality and a great stress reliever. A hefty product for serious workouts. Cheap Awesome service one of the best websites for purchasing

Fantastic ...great quality and great price

I love this punchingboxing bag...it039s perfect for a cardio workout. Its great for boxing or side kicks and snap kicks gets your heart rate going fast which gives you the best workout. The quality of this bag is superior than most bags advertised and is certainly cheaper. I love a good bargain especially when it is quality and this bag is certainly both.

Better than expected - Well built

If your after a cheap boxing stand i highly recommend the Genki Stand. Don039t be put off by the cheap price. The frame work is very solid and the powder coating on it is a very nice shiny black.The instructions are daunting when you first look at it but its easy to just put it together looking at the final picture.I also purchased the Boxing bag from crazy sales so if your a short guy like me you will need to get another chain to lower the bag down as the frame is pretty high and the boxing bag is only 80cm.The speedball is not too bad but not great but you could easily get a higher end one and attach it.Overall a great piece of equipment weights can be added to help keep it more secure.Great product crazy sales and the best price as always.

Great fun workout

Delivery only took 3 days product is great quality and great for a good workout. Much cheaper than the ones on eBay.

Great All in One Boxing Stand

This product was delivered to me in less than 40 hours after placing my order which is mighty impressive as I live in another state. This is a great all in one boxing stand and has a lot of features at a price cheaper than you can pay for a stand alone. The quality is quite impressive except my floor to ceiling ball is a little odd shaped and the air pump did not come with it.It took about an hour and a half to assemble and wasn039t too hard despite the fact the parts didn039t have the numbers on them. I would definitely recommend you save yourself some money and buy this boxing station. I039m so happy with my purchase and the fantastic customer service

Great product

I bought this as a gift for my 16 year old son and he loves it. Perfect for the frustrated teenager and don039t have to worry about where to hang it from

great product

I purchased this bag for my son for Xmas it is just what we expected great for small areas good quality and a great price.

Boxing bag

This boxing bag is made of tough material . It isn039t too hard when punching . Comes with a strong chain . it039s well worth getting for training and exercise

Great product - affordable price

Very satisfied with this product. Super fast delivery. Thanks.

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